A Beautiful Day

https://www.almaonline.org/2023/04/f0taswpfb it’s a beautiful day….

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https://condiodo.com/blog/pcvaeae9 did things that i do seldom. but enjoyed a lot. realizations and learning alike, it was a day full of good things. biggest achievement of the day: woke up early, took a bath, did cooking for the navratri ka pooja. i am alive…which means the food was edible. it was good actually. ab haath jalaya toh accha toh banna hi chahiye naa. then, had an awesome conversation for just 1 minute but with an awesome person (online). it just made my day.

https://www.how-matters.org/2023/04/19/5xj02gkz10r then, got ready, left for nani’s place. and the favorite part comes: an empty local and i get to stand at the foot board and travel…simply wow. winds playing around and nature running along, i just love this travel. chote se safar mein lagta hai zindagi khubsoorat hai. my fav music on roll, i reach home and guess what: i have bhog ka khichdi and fafar ka khana for lunch. it can’t get better than this perhaps. but no…i have more in store. went pandal hopping( only one…ghar ke neeche waala) and got drenched in the rain at the middle of the aarti and then again on the terrace…twice in a day. awesome


https://highland-outdoors.com/glcljtajjjh then, i get to go to durga mandir…icing on the cake. nothing can match up to the serenity of a place where u can just be yrsellf, where u get to know yrself better, hope of better things, wish for a better life, for being a better person.

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someone has rightly said: life is very beautiful only if u know what u want from it..only when u know what is it that makes u happy.

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