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Hi Bloggers 🙂

Let me tell you – I probably don’t look like this anymore!

Most important first – I am a Kriya Yogi. I have had the privilege of understanding what meditation can do for me, and more privileged that I found a Guru who could teach me this most important art in the course of living. If you haven’t yet tried meditating – you should really give it a thought. It will change your life forever.

A lot has changed since this page got updated last. I have blogged less, my bad. But I have written more, much more. After all – I am a PhD student now, entering into the last leg of my long endured journey 🙂

Just kidding. IIM Lucknow (where I am a doctoral scholar) is a wonderful, beautiful, hauntingly pretty (in winters) place that almost has a cathartic quality to it. Even a walk around the campus has the ability to heal you a little – every time you do it. Give it a try!

So, I am a writer. When I am not writing papers (which I am mostly not), I scribble together words that end up making a little sense. I love reading and my favorite genres are spiritual literature, autobiographies, biographies and memoirs, fantasy fiction and sometimes Indian mythology fiction too. Goes without saying that I’m a huge potterhead. Maniac since I was 9 yrs old probably.

I am an amateur photographer with a DSLR but no photography page (Ok. There is on Flickr). My camera exploits are available on Instagram for you to see.

While I am a research student in the marketing department and my topic of interest is Digital marketing, my blog posts are probably just random rants. I started this when I was 18. When I didn’t think – I just felt things, like all 18 yr old teenagers do.

I have constantly failed at my attempts to blog more for my own blog – but I have not given up. Though, I have written occasionally for Motivational Speaker Akash Gautam and absolutely thoroughly loved it!

Hope you find sense in those rants, for I don’t. 🙂


16 thoughts on “About Me

  1. hey…nyc 2 hv seen a blogger lyk u….jst wanna say…dat..m too a kind of literary bird n luv to write poems n articles…n lyk u poetry iz ma 1st girlfrnd…so..u cn get well acquainted wid wotsoever i hv 2 say….jst mail me back if u ever wanna read ma poems…v’ll jst make u spellbounded…i tell u..!!
    -Vaibhav Varun

  2. Hey Arunima.. just encountered your blog while looking for lyrics of Shailesh Lodha’s daughter poem… and read ur experiances.. ur poems.. ur writing.. it z amazing stuff.. really i m not so active reader and always skims everthing which i reads.. but ur posts forced me to read everything from top to bottom.. word by word line by line… gr8 compilation..


  3. Arunima!
    Here I am, Reading this at 7 in the morning and i know my day is made.More than anything what comes across is honesty .
    You have mountains to climb and worlds to discover but THIS is definitely a start.
    Much love 🙂

  4. Hi Arunima 🙂

    Love reading your blog.
    Just one request, can you add subscribe button or any other plugin which will help reader like me to follow your notes via mail!

  5. hey Arunima,

    i loved reading your blog. I could not stop myself from writting this note for your blog. You really have got a best choice of words. Keep it up.!!

    • Hi Deeptanshu!

      Thanks for the kind words 🙂

      We never got to talking at all. Let me know if you are still up for it. You have the number / email ID I guess.

      My best, to you!

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