Brush strokes :)

Life is a canvas and we paint our own beautiful painting, we carve our own sculptures. Somewhere down the line, we all are artists of our own fate.

Ambien Overnight Delivery Mastercard Read a line somewhere: today it may seem a vain line…but 10 years from now, u will eventually realise, that life is EXACTLY the way u want it to be, EXACTLY the way u see it…if u laugh, life is happy…if u cry, life is sad. Back at home, when I go through my old days, my old things…it’s pure nostalgia and happiness…an amalgamation of ‘good good feeling’ and joy from the absence of regrets over anything…I feel glad for the things I did or the things I didn’t do…coz somewhere down the line I was correct for I have a beautiful life today, with beautiful people in it…

The moonlit sky studded with stars inspires me to go for it…the beauty is impeccable. It inspires me to paint…and I am doing the ‘magic painting’ that I used to do as a kid…wo aati hain naa special painting books…u only need to put water…wahi waali šŸ˜› . And I am reminded of my childhood. But, now that I look around for an improvised perspective…a beautiful picture comes up “Life has all colors in it…u just need to put the right amount of water to get the desired effect…but careful!!!…too little and it becomes parched; too much and becomes smudged.”

Zolpidem Online Buy I want to paint…I used to be a good enough painter. Don’t know where it disappeared. The confident brush strokes of my life…they are hiding somewhere in the busier picture. Will have to find them. I want to hold back to certain things that appealed me always…as a child, as a teenager…and I find Wordsworth’s lines so apt now that I think about it…should not we cherish the things that bring us joy forever. Never let go something that brings a smile on your face…. In Wordsworth’s worthy words:

Buy Ambien Fast Shipping My heart leaps up when I behold

A rainbow in the sky:

Buying Ambien Online So was it when my life began

So is it now I am a man;

So be it when i shall grow old,

Or let me die!!!