Bucket List


Some things that I HAVE TO DO in life. No matter what!

1) Complete my FPM and be a fab Researcher.

2) Write the biography of the one person who has inspired me the most in life.

3) Become a good writer / blogger.

4) Buy a beach house.

5) Learn Salsa. Re-learn Kathak.

6) Learn to play at least one musical instrument.

7) Learn swimming.

8 ) Travel a lot.

What’s your list?

9 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. Its been long since I brought this up but Dont you want to go to Forks and meet Edward Cullen? I thought all girls wanted that. 😛 😀

  2. Inspiring list Arunima.

    Would like to share mine –
    1. Become a good script/story writer, to create positive change in the Indian cinema.
    2. Get ultra fit, to contribute in the making of healthy world.
    3. Adopt a village, and renovate it with education, health awareness.
    4. Publish a humorous self-help book

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