Mirrors and Gifts

from where does this urge to blog when exams are looming large on the head comes, i have no idea…jab jo cheez pasand ho par nahi kar sakte tab woh karne ka mazaa hi kuch aur hai :)..and when i want to speak my heart, it’s a ‘wordpress calling’ thing.

friendship…two syllables that mean more than two universes. friend: one syllable and one me. it is like i am looking into the mirror and finding the reflection of a perfect me…

really touched by a few mirrors that i see me reflection in…feeling great for a few friends that God has given me…for the bounty that i have received. life is beautiful when we have beautiful people around us…

i like my gifted mirror…my mirror of erised πŸ™‚

Am I Spiritual?

suddenly, out of the blue, i remember an FB comment…”i didn’t know u were so spiritual”. it really got me thinking. am i spiritual? coz, somewhere i believe, spirituality and laziness are like sour neighbors…never together. and perhaps i’m too lazy to be conventionally spiritual.

conventionally spiritual? yeah…like the 100s around me. or 1000s for that matter. people wake up early, have a bath the first thing. ok, maybe the second πŸ˜› . before having anything, they do their puja. it’s nice. brings a routine and discipline into lives. maybe that’s what is the purpose behind it- enforcing a discipline. good hai naa. but the sad part is, i get disqualified on these grounds πŸ™

i wake up late (that’s because i sleep late…wow!! what an excuse), i never have a fixed time forΒ  bath. it’s not that i sit infront of the mandir daily though i should, at least for 5 mins. phew!!..serious lack in life.

but, i do a lot of temples. any deity. i just love the serenity, the dignified peace even it’s a chaos over there. i went last sunday…enjoyed ganges, enjoyed the peace of ramkrishna ji’s ashram. alas! i forgot to pray. i stood there and just thought “god! m so confused. i don’t now what i want to ask you for.” it happens with me always. i never know what i should tell him when i go to tell him. so, i do that as and when i remember.

does that qualify for spirituality? i guess not…

Somebody said ‘Why is love…’

well somebody asked…actually people keep asking this question to themselves…oops!!! question toh likha hi nahi πŸ˜›

the million dollar question is “why is love so difficult? why is loving someone so difficult?”

sick questions !!…and the most diseased part is the fact that we always associate this love with conjugal love only πŸ™ . couldn’t we love other people around equally? mom, dad, siblings, friends…there are so many we love..but pyaar sunte hi dimag unidirectional ho jaata hai…phew!!…it is very beautiful to love your friends like mad, to love your siblings and parents as if they are the last people on earth..but nahi!! hum toh hum hain πŸ™‚ aur jo sudhar jaye woh hum nahi…haha

this question always makes me smile(sick question…but still i smile). like everything else in life, we complicate love as well…the 4 syllable word ‘expectation’ is the reason behind it…sounds heavy i know. so let us simplify it. loving your father is easy isn’t it? because he is your father and he does so much for you…believe me, it will much easier if you also remember that after 18 he has all the rights in the world to throw you out but he doesn’t. selfless love. itna pyaar hai toh aur kuch kyun expect karna…realization time.

love people just for the sake of loving…not because of what they do for you. then it becomes easy and worthy. be selfish in love. love a person, share a special relationship. but not only because of who that person is, but also because of who u are…it is easy to love an absolutely amazing human being. but it becomes simplified if you do not expect things in return…if you love someone/something just because u want to…will help in appreciating the better things in life…

least expectations. that is why “‘when someone asked ‘why is love difficult?’ i just smiled…i thought i knew the truth”…

is it so… πŸ™‚

To the men who taught me to believe in God…

i thank god really…for the day he brought these two people on earth…

i believe, have always believed, that we all have a purpose in life, both ours and others. i don’t know the purpose of my life yet, but i do know what purpose i have in some people’s lives (perhaps)…some though, not all.

i feel great to have loved God differently each day of my life…more than yesterday and less than tomorrow. miles to go before i sleep…that’s what i am reminded of because my belief and faith are going to increase ten fold by the time it’s twilight. and for all this…i thank two people…two very beautiful people who entered at different times but perhaps will never exit from my life ever…

one taught me to believe in God. i used to be an idiot…begging for every small little thing: “bhagwaan ji, aaj ye dedo…kal se aise kar dena…mujhe ye chahiye toh bass chahiye”…like a child throwing tantrums. no wonder they never worked πŸ˜› . but, he taught me the sheer importance of the profound presence in our lives. he taught me the way to pray, to not always ask for things but always give away as the highest form of prayer, to say “God, i have done this for him. please make sure that the concerned person is happy if he deserves to be”. “dete jaao…as much as u are capable of” rest will be taken care of. i owe my present self to that great human being. God is not the machine that grants wishes. thank God that God has editing powers over our prayers :):)…warna kuber ka khazana bhi khali ho jaata.

God is the driving force behind our existence. do not keep asking him for things. he will give u what u deserve even without u asking for it, without fail. u may forget him but he will always remember you…in short, he introduced me to God.

the other one. equally beautiful. equally equally equally..everything. he came when, i will never forget. he will go? never i think…some people live beyond existence. they are of them. beyond the limits of time. moving on…he taught me what i gain by being spiritual in some small, minute little corner of my soul. he reminded me the sheer beauty of believing in God (strengthened actually…i never forgot it in the first place). he showed me how u fall in love with yourself all over again when you have faith in him…on a lighter note, he made me realize my appreciation of spirituality as the most appealing of all attributes that mortal people can harbor, as the most valuable part of the soul. he reminded me how things become easy when we have unfailing faith in Him.

apne liye toh sab karte hain…dil khol ke karte hain. kisi aur ke liye kuch karne mein jo mazaa hai, not there in anything else in the world…in short, he made me like myself more than before by showing what it feels to do something for someone…because that is exactly when we do something for God, kinda simplifying his work(euphemism for altruism).

there are many people who add immense beauty to my life…these two are among the few who have taught me to appreciate that beauty, to behold the colors of the rainbow called life…eternally thankful to you(if u are reading it).


life is so many things…happiness for some, sadness for some, struggle for some, success for some…a myriad of nouns, verbs, adjectives- this is what life is. summing it all in a verb, life is ‘TEMPTATION’.

no matter what walk of life we belong to, no matter what stage we are in…there is always a temptation in life. every emotion is a sultry seductress in itself. be it childhood or youth…teenage or old age, none of us is free from temptation. the craving for chocolate is an attraction, the lure of new and perfect love is a fatal kind of fascination. the desire to achieve is also an enticement and the will to be happy in every situation is also a lure so strong, at times it is hard to resist.

it’s good actually. to have temptations in life. they egg us on to do something…to achieve, to be successful, to be jubilant. have realised lately- it is very very important to know which temptations add value to your life. and we must give in to only those. they are not so bad once we learn to chose between the ones that will help us move ahead in life and the ones that will push us back…it’s all a matter of sheer will and outstanding motivation to always rise and shine above the veil of certain temptations. nothing else is needed if we know we dnt want to give in. and there is nothing better than giving in to a temptation that will always put is in a better place…

as oscar wilde puts it

“Do you really think, Arthur, that it is weakness that yields to temptation? I tell you that there are terrible temptations that it requires strength, strength and courage, to yield to.”

The About Life Thing

life isn’t about keeping yr score. it’s not about how many people call you and it’s not about whom you have dated, are dating or haven’t dated at all. it isn’t about who you have kissed, what sport you play or which guy or girl likes you. it’s not about your shoes or your hair or the color of your skin or where you live or go to school. in fact, it’s not about grades, money, clothes or colleagues that accept you or not. life isn’t about if you have lots of friends or if you are alone, and it’s not about how accepted or unaccepted you are. life just isn’t about that……

but life is about who you love and who you hurt. it’s about how you feel about yourself. it’s about trust, happiness and compassion. it’s about sticking up for your friends and replacing inner hate with love. life is about avoiding jealousy, overcoming ignorance, and building confidence. it’s about what you say and what you mean. it’s about seeing people for who they are and not what they have. most of all, life is about choosing to use your life to touch someone else’s in a way that could have never been achieved otherwise. these choices are what life is about.

Happy Father’s Day


for everyone upon this earth
god made a father who
would lovingly watch over
his family as it grew

a father to protect his child
from goblins in the night
with comforting assurances
and hugs so very tight

to teach his child what’s right and wrong
and work that must be done
to share each great adventure
with laughter, tears and fun

yes, God in his great wisdom
looked down from heaven above
and made a father for each child
to cherish and to love

Walks Down the Memory Lane

walking down the memory lane…not always same for everyone…yet the feeling is quite same..whether u like the walk or u dont. it certainly does represent a life left behind, a friend long lost, an era gone by. it makes us go through things that we love so much..things that we avoid so much..things that we want to forget yet we cling to…expectedly, believably and yet surprisingly strange these ‘walk down the memory lanes……’ are

a walk through the school days…aahh…would certainly be like the lament of an eternal loss. there is nothing more mundane than the realisation of that loss that was so much the opposite. yet when we are at school we wanna grow up and when we grow up we wanna be back to square 1. wow. even human beings are strange. strangest to be honest.

a walk through the memories of that special someone….for those who dont have that person now in their lives, dnt worry..the memories are still there..but then u have nothing else…so u decide what u want to be with…moving over is totally yr choice, an option none else but u have. and for those who have that person…congratulations…life cannot get better

and…a walk through the memories of home…when u are far away…its the thing that persists the most…good and bad..every thing seems so perfect back there and so shitty out here…its when u realise how tasty yr mom cooks, how best yr dad is, how yr sibling was the tamest person u ever met..how pampered and cared for u were, how u got things u did nt deserve to get…home is certainly the best place…to chill out, to vent out, to clear out, to mend and to keep sane, the things that go wrong…

these walks are simply awesome even if the walk is down the bitter ones…reminds u who u are, what u did, what u want to do, what u could do in life….

these walks are truly…..walks of remembrances….walks to remember.