Friendship Day ?? Naah !!! Or Friendship Week ?? Still, a no……

The only change from any other normal day that I observe on Friendship Day is- 1) My SMSes are not free which is very bad because I always remember they are being charged on the occasion of ‘Friendship Day’ after having sent almost a dozen and suddenly noticing the drastic decline in my already ‘on the verge of collapsing’ phone balance. 2) Inbox is full of forwards having too much of flora, fauna & emotions. Tough time deleting them later. A simple message with a 1 minute effort is much better than a stupid forward.

Tramadol Purchase Overnight Friendship is not a day/week celebration. is it ? It’s a celebration of a lifetime, of every moment, of being blissfully happy for the family that God allows you to choose for yourself. I celebrate my friendship when – 1) A random thought in between a busy schedule makes me stop all work and take a smiley break (often an ROFL break as well ) … It is when I think “How stupid was that ?” Yet, it somehow made perfect sense that day and it makes perfect sense even today. 2) A random corner of a known street reminds me of some very special moment that I shared with my friend… It is when in that randomness I realize how deeply I understand my friend.

3) I am at my friend’s favourite restaurant having our common favourite food & nostalgic about some very great conversation we had over some extremely silly topic

4) I check out random people walking on the road and suddenly remember how we take our picks among the best ones and do a detailed analysis 🙂 … When I remember taking our picks and often fighting over the same ones I and my friend chose… Stupid battles !

5) I doodle at the back of my notebook & make silly circles & loops wishing my friend was there so that we could have had a silent conversation or a knots & crosses game… When in the midst of an extremely boring class I write about my friendship (and posts like this are born) 6) I know that my friend needs me yet I don’t call up because I also know that my friend doesn’t want to talk right now… When I know that when my friend calms down, I will come to know what was wrong because my friend will share it with me 🙂

7) I remember every other small little moment, cherish them… When I cherish the presence of beautiful friendships in my life…. It is then when I celebrate my friendship ! With so many things to be celebrated, a day is not enough… JUST NOT ENOUGH ! Friendship is yet another celebration that continues for a lifetime; let’s celebrate 🙂

Betiyaan toh sirf Ek Ehsaas hai :)

The best lines you will ever read on ‘Daughters’. The hardest you will struggle to bite back the tears & fight back that constricted feeling in your throat. That. Poetry. By Shailesh Lodha (Taarak Mehta fame).

Kya likhun ?…
Ki woh pariyon ka roop hoti hai…
Ya kadakti thand mein suhaani dhoop hoti hai… Wo hoti hai udaasi ke har marz ki dawa ki tarah…
Ya os mein sheetal hawa ki tarah…
Woh chidiyon ki chehchahahat hai,
Ya ke nishchal khilkilahat hai…

Woh aangan mein faila ujaala hai..
Ya mere gusse pe laga taala hai…
Woh pahad ki choti pe suraj ki kiran hai…
Ya zindagi sahi jeene ka aacharan hai…

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Hai woh takat jo chote se ghar ko mahal bana de…
Hai woh kaafiya jo kisi gazal ko mukkamal kar de…
Kya likhun ??…
Woh akshar jo na ho toh varn maala adhoori hai…
Woh, jo sabse zaada zaroori hai… Ye nahi kahoonga ki woh har waqt saath saath hoti hai,
Betiyaan toh sirf ek ehsaas hoti hain 🙂

Order Tramadol Online India Uski aankhein, naa mujhse gudiya maangti hai na khilone,

Purchase Tramadol Uk kab aaoge, bass ek chota sa sawaal suno naa…
Apni majboori ko chupate huye deta hoon main jawaab
Taareekh batao, time batao… apni ungliyon pe karne lagti hai woh hisaab
Aur jab main nahi de pata sahi sahi jawaab…
Apne aansuon ko chupane ke liye
Chehre pe rakh leti hai kitaab Woh mujhse australia mein chuttiyaan, mercedes to drive,
5 star mein dinner ya mehenge Ipods nahi mangti…
Na woh dher se paise piggy bank mein udhelna chahti hai
Woh bas kuch der mere saath khelna chahti hai… Aur main kehta hoon yehi…
ki beta bahut kaam hai.. nahi karunga toh kaise chalega…
Majboori bhare duniya daari ke jawaab dene lagta hoon… Aur woh jhuta hi sahi,
Mujhe ehsaas dilati hai..
Ki jaise sab kuch samajh gayi ho..
Lekin aankhein band kar ke roti hai…
Jaise sapne mein khelte hue mere saath soti hai.. Zindagi na jaane kyun itni ulajh jaati hai…
Aur hum samajhte hain, betiyaan sab samajh jaati hain.. 🙂 And, here is the video as recited my the poet himself !

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A day to Remember !!! wow feeling!!! ever made a memory that will live beyond you? agar banayi hai toh u would know what i mean. and if u haven’t made anything of that sort yet; don’t worry…life is long for you. memories hi nahi banai…zindagi lambi toh lagegi hii naa

yesterday was so awesome…pepperchino, mama, mumma…the ride, the ganges and the photo session…even the cranky boat wallah seemed so hilarious…the rude chai wallah seemed so sabhya. essence of bengal with punjabi and bihari tadka…from a rajashthani point of view 🙂 wow…totally fab!!!

the humor was out of the world. but the most beautiful moments that would be so difficult to describe would all be the ones in the math and the temple. show stoppers of the day. it is so true to the word: there is maximum peace at the feet of the almighty…where all predicaments get answered, where the soul rinses itself off the mundane dirt…there is immense tranquility in the vistas of godly presence…all one needs is an honest effort to map the horizons.

Tramadol Online Price spiritual fun at it’s best…the memory is perfect because it has perfect people…and finally some awesome clicks of the day 🙂 bally bridge

sunset over ganges

sunset over ganges

dakshineshwar ghat

dakshineshwar ghat

belur math

belur math main temple


Mirrors and Gifts

from where does this urge to blog when exams are looming large on the head comes, i have no idea…jab jo cheez pasand ho par nahi kar sakte tab woh karne ka mazaa hi kuch aur hai :)..and when i want to speak my heart, it’s a ‘wordpress calling’ thing.

friendship…two syllables that mean more than two universes. friend: one syllable and one me. it is like i am looking into the mirror and finding the reflection of a perfect me…

really touched by a few mirrors that i see me reflection in…feeling great for a few friends that God has given me…for the bounty that i have received. life is beautiful when we have beautiful people around us…

i like my gifted mirror…my mirror of erised 🙂

Somebody said ‘Why is love…’

well somebody asked…actually people keep asking this question to themselves…oops!!! question toh likha hi nahi 😛

the million dollar question is “why is love so difficult? why is loving someone so difficult?”

sick questions !!…and the most diseased part is the fact that we always associate this love with conjugal love only 🙁 . couldn’t we love other people around equally? mom, dad, siblings, friends…there are so many we love..but pyaar sunte hi dimag unidirectional ho jaata hai…phew!!…it is very beautiful to love your friends like mad, to love your siblings and parents as if they are the last people on earth..but nahi!! hum toh hum hain 🙂 aur jo sudhar jaye woh hum nahi…haha

this question always makes me smile(sick question…but still i smile). like everything else in life, we complicate love as well…the 4 syllable word ‘expectation’ is the reason behind it…sounds heavy i know. so let us simplify it. loving your father is easy isn’t it? because he is your father and he does so much for you…believe me, it will much easier if you also remember that after 18 he has all the rights in the world to throw you out but he doesn’t. selfless love. itna pyaar hai toh aur kuch kyun expect karna…realization time.

love people just for the sake of loving…not because of what they do for you. then it becomes easy and worthy. be selfish in love. love a person, share a special relationship. but not only because of who that person is, but also because of who u are…it is easy to love an absolutely amazing human being. but it becomes simplified if you do not expect things in return…if you love someone/something just because u want to…will help in appreciating the better things in life…

least expectations. that is why “‘when someone asked ‘why is love difficult?’ i just smiled…i thought i knew the truth”…

is it so… 🙂

To the men who taught me to believe in God…

i thank god really…for the day he brought these two people on earth…

i believe, have always believed, that we all have a purpose in life, both ours and others. i don’t know the purpose of my life yet, but i do know what purpose i have in some people’s lives (perhaps)…some though, not all.

i feel great to have loved God differently each day of my life…more than yesterday and less than tomorrow. miles to go before i sleep…that’s what i am reminded of because my belief and faith are going to increase ten fold by the time it’s twilight. and for all this…i thank two people…two very beautiful people who entered at different times but perhaps will never exit from my life ever…

one taught me to believe in God. i used to be an idiot…begging for every small little thing: “bhagwaan ji, aaj ye dedo…kal se aise kar dena…mujhe ye chahiye toh bass chahiye”…like a child throwing tantrums. no wonder they never worked 😛 . but, he taught me the sheer importance of the profound presence in our lives. he taught me the way to pray, to not always ask for things but always give away as the highest form of prayer, to say “God, i have done this for him. please make sure that the concerned person is happy if he deserves to be”. “dete jaao…as much as u are capable of” rest will be taken care of. i owe my present self to that great human being. God is not the machine that grants wishes. thank God that God has editing powers over our prayers :):)…warna kuber ka khazana bhi khali ho jaata.

God is the driving force behind our existence. do not keep asking him for things. he will give u what u deserve even without u asking for it, without fail. u may forget him but he will always remember you…in short, he introduced me to God.

the other one. equally beautiful. equally equally equally..everything. he came when, i will never forget. he will go? never i think…some people live beyond existence. they are of them. beyond the limits of time. moving on…he taught me what i gain by being spiritual in some small, minute little corner of my soul. he reminded me the sheer beauty of believing in God (strengthened actually…i never forgot it in the first place). he showed me how u fall in love with yourself all over again when you have faith in him…on a lighter note, he made me realize my appreciation of spirituality as the most appealing of all attributes that mortal people can harbor, as the most valuable part of the soul. he reminded me how things become easy when we have unfailing faith in Him.

apne liye toh sab karte hain…dil khol ke karte hain. kisi aur ke liye kuch karne mein jo mazaa hai, not there in anything else in the world…in short, he made me like myself more than before by showing what it feels to do something for someone…because that is exactly when we do something for God, kinda simplifying his work(euphemism for altruism).

there are many people who add immense beauty to my life…these two are among the few who have taught me to appreciate that beauty, to behold the colors of the rainbow called life…eternally thankful to you(if u are reading it).


you teach me to laugh… teach me to cry
you teach me to live… teach me to die

you teach me to love with all my heart
you teach me to hate with all my love

the limits of the sky…..the depth of the sea
you teach me to be..everything i want to be

the constant struggle…the never ending troubles
‘ go beyond the vistas..m there if u wobble’

you teach me the value…of failed expectations
you teach me the profoundness..of ideal inspirations

but most of all..u teach my life
it needs to be lived to the full size
you teach me so brings in humility
it brings in respect…joy and humanity

….i thank all those people in my life who have taught me something or the other..this is for u guys…

The About Life Thing

life isn’t about keeping yr score. it’s not about how many people call you and it’s not about whom you have dated, are dating or haven’t dated at all. it isn’t about who you have kissed, what sport you play or which guy or girl likes you. it’s not about your shoes or your hair or the color of your skin or where you live or go to school. in fact, it’s not about grades, money, clothes or colleagues that accept you or not. life isn’t about if you have lots of friends or if you are alone, and it’s not about how accepted or unaccepted you are. life just isn’t about that……

but life is about who you love and who you hurt. it’s about how you feel about yourself. it’s about trust, happiness and compassion. it’s about sticking up for your friends and replacing inner hate with love. life is about avoiding jealousy, overcoming ignorance, and building confidence. it’s about what you say and what you mean. it’s about seeing people for who they are and not what they have. most of all, life is about choosing to use your life to touch someone else’s in a way that could have never been achieved otherwise. these choices are what life is about. “LIFE IS ABOUT THE CHOICES WE MAKE”

My Soul..

her smile makes my day beautiful,

her laughter makes my music…

her beauty makes my heart

her being makes my life…..

to the woman who taught me the meaning of selfless love…

you add beauty to my life just by breathing, just by being yourself. every smile that you smile makes me happy beyond ecstasy, every laughter that u laugh is music to my heart, every little emotion of yours is all i live for…your happiness is all i pray for….

i may not always be the company u crave for but i could happily slip to non-existence for you…just for the moment so that i can always watch over you..making sure u are safe or not

i may not always be the person you want to talk to but i could remain silent forever just to listen to your heartbeat….

i may not always be the person whose pain pains you..but your pain and tear have the immense power of tarnishing me to pieces without a scratch

i may not always be the person you miss and hug..but i always want to hug you when you come back from work…i always miss you the very moment you leave me….

i may not be the person you love much..but you are more than just my existence…you are my soul to me…

i may not always have the courage to tell you any of this ever..but whenever i look up to you, this is all i wish i could say…i wish i could hug you and say…how much i love you…how much you mean to me…coz you are my soul