As in Salsa!

So in life!

That’s what my awesome salsa trainers say. (Yes! I finally started learning it. One down on the bucket list)

That salsa is a dance as natural as breathing could be. That you have to do the steps in a way which takes the minimum effort. True it is. We find the easiest way out to complete a step and go the next one. We try to use the least amount of energy. And we rely on simple physics to guide us through our moves. Guess, dance and physics have a high correlation. Or so Sovit says (he knows everything about everything and everything about dance too!). Drop in at Mambo City on a fine Sunday afternoon in Kolkata and see for yourself, how we dance like we breathe.

We are always walking on an incline (salsa people will know what I mean), we are always climbing, we are always moving up. As in salsa, so in life. Told ya! Doing salsa is so much like living. Rather, doing salsa is so much like living in a way you really want to – being natural, doing stuff that you want to do. In salsa, as I am told every Sunday, there are a few basics but no rules. It has come from the streets where people just did it as a celebration. Like life should be a celebration.

We just need to follow the beat and we can do our own stuff! The best salsa is the one that isn’t really choreographed, that which comes with the moment, that which comes straight from the heart. Again, lifelike. Even when I can’t do it, I feel the same when I watch Sovit & Satyaki (my trainers) dancing. As if, it is the most natural thing they do (which is true!). Maybe dancing is like living. Because, dancing (and other things you really really love doing) is what you do when you do not have to worry about things which you think are important but are not as important as you think they are. Makes sense? Maybe! 🙂

It is the same with all dance forms. For me, it is salsa.