a thing beyond forever….

a beautiful book…’a thing beyond forever’…but thats not what i want 2 say…

yet the central idea, the gist stretches vistas, much further than i can, or for that matter, anyone can imagine…such is the idea of life…beyond forever…it seems as if it would never end…encompassing eternity…covering eras, leaps and bounds..and yet it appears ki life started just a moment ago….

strange..strange it is..how two hours of doing fly away like 2 seconds…but the wait for the result stretches to a never ending reality, an ever growing universe where a myriad of stars and galaxies add themselves every moment…

strange…how life seems to stop with a jerk..and a hallucination of an end pops up when actually the movement, the inertia is saved…dormant, invisible..to those who dont want to see..for those who give up…yet present..very much alive and kicking for those who can find a way out of every mess…life goes on even if anything else doesnt..

“in three words i can sum up everything i have learnt about life. it goes on……”

something worthy

2day i found another reason to be happy that i came here to study..2day i did something i have never done before..it makes me feel proud that i can read and write and call myself literate…2day i decided that if there’s one thing that m never going to stop doing in my life…IT IS THIS…

confused??..2day i went 2 an NGO called ‘calcutta rescue’ with my frnds..n we taught the children there..just one hour..but the experience was overwhelming..so different and nice..there is so much we could share with these children..as it is we have loads of time 2 wander around n waste..then why not utilise it??..we could be the change we want in our country..n i think we all must find time to help them out..they were just so enthusiastic to read n learn..it put me to shame..

its our least bit of contribution n i think we can help towards making India a literate India, a better India if we took things in our hands…


come on people…n honestly it brushes up yr skills too..give it a shot

nostalgic me…

what a respite it is when exams get over isn’t it? when mine ended, the same day i rushed home. i wanted 2 stay back 4 a day….but thank God i didn’t. otherwise how wud hv this blog come? the same day i reached i rushed 2 my school, my alma mater, my only place of high, my nostalgia. the annual sports was on roll……people were running forward and i…….

went back down the memory lane….never quite an athlete, i still used 2 luv the sports day in my schoolthere. like all other celebrations it ws another day where u cud let yr hair down n just njoy without being on the extreme heights of formality. it took me to the time when me n karu ran for the 100 m race hand in hand…when we asked the teacher for extra glucose even when not dizzy…when we used to fool around with seniors n juniors alike, with teachers n non-teaching staff without getting worried about the homework or the upcoming period……

i am grateful that i went or i would have missed out on the flashback of the memories that cling to my mind as if they were made yesterday…..i wd have missed out on the memories that are so close n dear 2 me…..that define nostalgia 4 me…

sports day is just a small galaxy of the bigger universe of my memories…there are many more galaxies n stars in the small universe of my nostalgia….of my school….that make me just get lost in my own world, my own past…being nostalgic about happy things is one of the best feelings one can have….honestly

by the way any guesses at what number we turned up in that 100m race??

dreams……shd listen 2 them or not??

dreams…….as sleep is ineviteble 4 us, the lesser mortals….so are dreams. on a personal front they are not very welcoming. i mean who would want 2 wake up in the midst of the night all shaky n sweaty frm a bad dream…….or why the hell would anyone want 2 be woken up 4m a very beautiful, n romantic dream…..thats why they are disturbing to me…..they interrupt my bliss, my SLEEP…..n i hate it when this happens….

and having stupid dreams doesnt help at all……..from being chased by a tiger to droping my favourite chappal in a gutter to sprouting tentacles n mushrooms all over my face …..from unravelling of my deepest secrets to the most hated people to getting proposed n married…….have seen it all…….dreams are horrible……or are they???

thats what i believed untill recently. one night i was having a very stupid dream, something i dont even remember….then suddenly it changed….seemed very real, whatever was happening. a beautiful voice, very soft n soothing n saintly, spoke 2 me. although it was just a phrase, a few syllables together, m never going 2 4get them…the voice said-

achieve ordinarily, but dedicate extra-ordinarily”……

waking up at that very instant i saved those lines as a draft in my cell phone lest i 4get them…….its is going to be my mantra for life….atleast i can give it a try. but that doesnt mean that i start liking dreams. i luv my sleep and i prefer it dreamless….with or without quotes and teachings. waise bhi our reknowned ex-president says-

watch dreams with open eyes, be a dreamer of the daylight. dream is not what u see in sleep. it is that which does not let u sleep……..” and i prefer it this way

The moon

it ws 11:45 and freezing out there in the terrace….n why ws i out??? well thats a pretty gud question….i luv 2 wander in my terrace at night when the moon shines bright…ok enough of poetry…..but yes the night was beautiful…..it ws that kind of beauty that u could just behold n behold n behold…..very calm n serene n dignified……n cold

evn when the moon was not full it cast a silver sheen all over……as if basking everything around in a beauty unparalleled n incomparable 2 anything else……a soothing calm that every being requires 4 keeping itself sane……..i dont mean 2 compare but if sun is hot then the moon is cool, its like warmth vs cool, edgedness vs tranquitlity, power vs purity……..can u even compare them??? i dont think so….if we wait 4 d sun every morning we wait 4 d moon every night…..so no comaprisons……..

together these 2 celestial marvels teach us some gr8 lessons of life…….if we bother 2 learn them at all..i recently did n it really changes the way i look 2wards myself, my people and my life. why do we compare??everything in this place we call our world is unique, every creature is different 4m another of its kind, if not in build then in mind and heart.

every person has a different and a special place in our life…..and that cannot be just given away 2 anyone else…..can a sun┬ádo the job of a moon, can it come out in the night 2 give peace n tranquility 2 its seekers??? we al know the answer. so why do we try 2 take places instead of making our own special place in the hearts of the people who matter 2 us……..the effort is not worth it….honestly….

coz when we replace people we have expectations, that we be treated and loved the same way as the person was being loved and cared for. but when we make for ourselves its selfless, and without great expectations…..of getting back what we are giving….and just going on loving the person, caring for that person regardless of wether he does the same 4 u…..coz it dosnt matter……the moon does his duty without fail and inconsiderate of whether people adore the moon or the sun…….coz ho knows that both of them have very different roles 2 play and very different work 2 do…..its just how we percieve it

so when i feel being disregarded…..i just look upto the moon, ever shining, ever bright, awe-inspiring and ever so right(phew…….my poery)……and a smile spreads across me…….true it is-

“beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder…….”