dreams……shd listen 2 them or not??

dreams…….as sleep is ineviteble 4 us, the lesser mortals….so are dreams. on a personal front they are not very welcoming. i mean who would want 2 wake up in the midst of the night all shaky n sweaty frm a bad dream…….or why the hell would anyone want 2 be woken up 4m a very beautiful, n romantic dream…..thats why they are disturbing to me…..they interrupt my bliss, my SLEEP…..n i hate it when this happens….

and having stupid dreams doesnt help at all……..from being chased by a tiger to droping my favourite chappal in a gutter to sprouting tentacles n mushrooms all over my face …..from unravelling of my deepest secrets to the most hated people to getting proposed n married…….have seen it all…….dreams are horrible……or are they???

thats what i believed untill recently. one night i was having a very stupid dream, something i dont even remember….then suddenly it changed….seemed very real, whatever was happening. a beautiful voice, very soft n soothing n saintly, spoke 2 me. although it was just a phrase, a few syllables together, m never going 2 4get them…the voice said-

achieve ordinarily, but dedicate extra-ordinarily”……

waking up at that very instant i saved those lines as a draft in my cell phone lest i 4get them…….its is going to be my mantra for life….atleast i can give it a try. but that doesnt mean that i start liking dreams. i luv my sleep and i prefer it dreamless….with or without quotes and teachings. waise bhi our reknowned ex-president says-

watch dreams with open eyes, be a dreamer of the daylight. dream is not what u see in sleep. it is that which does not let u sleep……..” and i prefer it this way

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