Friendship Day ?? Naah !!! Or Friendship Week ?? Still, a no……

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The only change from any other normal day that I observe on Friendship Day is- 

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1) My SMSes are not free which is very bad because I always remember they are being charged on the occasion of ‘Friendship Day’ after having sent almost a dozen and suddenly noticing the drastic decline in my already ‘on the verge of collapsing’ phone balance.

Purchasing Xanax In Mexico 2) Inbox is full of forwards having too much of flora, fauna & emotions. Tough time deleting them later. A simple message with a 1 minute effort is much better than a stupid forward. Friendship is not a day/week celebration. is it ? It’s a celebration of a lifetime, of every moment, of being blissfully happy for the family that God allows you to choose for yourself. I celebrate my friendship when –

1) A random thought in between a busy schedule makes me stop all work and take a smiley break (often an ROFL break as well ) … It is when I think “How stupid was that ?” Yet, it somehow made perfect sense that day and it makes perfect sense even today.

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How To Buy Xanax In Australia 2) A random corner of a known street reminds me of some very special moment that I shared with my friend… It is when in that randomness I realize how deeply I understand my friend. 3) I am at my friend’s favourite restaurant having our common favourite food & nostalgic about some very great conversation we had over some extremely silly topic

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4) I check out random people walking on the road and suddenly remember how we take our picks among the best ones and do a detailed analysis 🙂 … When I remember taking our picks and often fighting over the same ones I and my friend chose… Stupid battles !

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5) I doodle at the back of my notebook & make silly circles & loops wishing my friend was there so that we could have had a silent conversation or a knots & crosses game… When in the midst of an extremely boring class I write about my friendship (and posts like this are born) 6) I know that my friend needs me yet I don’t call up because I also know that my friend doesn’t want to talk right now… When I know that when my friend calms down, I will come to know what was wrong because my friend will share it with me 🙂 7) I remember every other small little moment, cherish them… When I cherish the presence of beautiful friendships in my life…. Best Price Xanax Online It is then when I celebrate my friendship ! With so many things to be celebrated, a day is not enough… JUST NOT ENOUGH ! Friendship is yet another celebration that continues for a lifetime; let’s celebrate 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Friendship Day ?? Naah !!!

  1. Frndship day: I think it holds different meanings for different people. For the chosen “few” who keep in regular touch, it’s fun to see the hyper-excited monkeys getting glued to their cell phones. And for the hyper-excited monkeys it’s one of those times when u’ve got a gud enough reason to say “hi”..and of course wonder what the “few” dead people around them are doing.

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