Gyaan at a Parlour :)

It is always a treat to eavesdrop on random conversations when people are definitely not trying to hide their most outlandish snippets of wisdom. But, this is what helps you understand people around and comprehend human psyche better…because at the end of the day, we all are similar to at least some degree of commonness.

While traveling in buses, metro, walking etc. I get to pick up so many philosophies, come across so many temperaments…guess Kolkata could make a psychologist out of me πŸ˜› . And I am sharing it today because today I re-learned such an important lesson and that too in a ladies parlour πŸ™‚

A place where womenfolk from diverse backgrounds and walks of life come and share their hearts out, at a parlor any topic under the sun gets discussed. Today’s topic was New Year Celebrations. First ten minutes were crap…the customer describing her party at Delhi, sophisticated fun; not my type. Then one of the beauticians described her ghetto party…the fun they had on New Year at their pada(locality); ok, interesting. I too had tapori kinda New Year. Maybe she took an off that day.

But it was the owner’s answer that got my attention. She simply told, “Hum toh yehin parlor me they madam…sabko sundar bana rahe they unka new year party ke liye. bahut bheed tha us din…bahut saara appointments. 7 baje band hone waala us din hum log 9 baje band kiya…uske baad kahan itna takat tha khud party karne ka. customer ka new year happy kar ke, hum log soch liya hamara new year ban gaya…kaam sabse pehle madam. “

So profound and wise. Duty comes first. That lady taught me so much in 2 minutes. Got me thinking. All those people who work hard t make our New Year happy; and why only a new year. Every other festival for that matter. There are thousands of people giving up on their happy moments to make ours a success; at restaurants, clubs, shops and what not.

When there is work to be done, u cannot just sit back and enjoy. No one else is gonna come up and do our share of work. To have your bit of masti, you will have to do your bit of kaam as well…great thing I learned at such a random encounter. Wo kehte hain naa…gyaan toh kabhi bhi kahin bhi mil jaata hai…kisi se bhi mil jata hai. Never forsake an opportunity to learn something in life, be it anyone from whom that gyaan is coming πŸ™‚

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