Happy Birthday Papa :)

A letter for my father 🙂 ( I know I should have sent it by post, but I found this a better medium since I quite enjoy blogging 🙂 )

Dear Papa,

First of all, a very happy holi to you.. And of course, a very Happy Birthday :). I am sorry I couldn’t send you a card like I do every year… Time constraints 🙁

I thought for a long time; what shall I write- writing being such a spontaneous art. And, thank you for this art…the writer in me traces its roots back to the writer/ literature lover in you. So, I owe my best talents to you papa 🙂

There is a lot that I wanted to say. But, u know me well. I am not at all good with speaking out those things. So, a few lines I dedicate to someone who has always been there; watching over and silently forgiving all my mistakes and hiding his disappointment behind an encouraging smile every time I failed to live up to his expectations.

It might not have been very often that I told that I love you…but I really do 🙂

For everyone upon this earth        
God made a father who
Would lovingly watch over
His family as it grew

A father to protect his child
From goblins in the night
With comforting assurances
And hugs so very tight

To teach his child what’s right and wrong
And work that must be done
To share each great adventure
With laughter, tears and fun

Yes, God in his great wisdom
Looked down from heaven above
And made a father for each child
To cherish and to love

These lines I have taken from a card I got you ages ago on the occasion of Father’s Day.

Thank you for being such a wonderful father; we found love even in your strictness and humor even in your scoldings. We found a friend when you let us share jokes with you and have fun. We found a companion when you cajoled us to share our fears and problems…

It is your dreams that we want to live up to; and we are working hard every moment… Please forgive us if some of them don’t come true. Please accept this bouquet of lesser flowers- it has the fragrance of all those flowers we meant for you.

With love,

Your children 🙂


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