Happy Teacher’s Day

Teachers' Day

Disclaimer: Some of the below aren’t my words. But it all said ‘anonymous’!

The word “GURU” is untranslatable. Neither the word ‘teacher’ nor the word ‘master’ has the beauty. In fact, the phenomenon of the word is so intrinsically Indian that no other language can translate it. In Sanskrit, ‘Gu’ means ‘darkness’ and ‘Ru’ means the one who dispels it. Thus, Guru literally means “The Light”

The grace of the Guru is like an ocean. If we come with a cup, we will get a cupful. There is no use of complaining about the niggardliness of the ocean. The bigger the vessel, the more we can carry.

It is said that teachers are those who confer immortality to us lesser mortals, in the name of knowledge, through their wisdom. I could not agree less…teachers are like stones cast into the pool of time. Though they themselves may disappear, their ripples extend to eternity. That is why it is said, “If you plan for a year, plant a seed. If you plan for ten years, plant a tree. If you plan for hundred years, teach the people. When you sow a seed once, you reap a single harvest. When you teach people, you will reap a hundred harvests.”

These are some of my favorite lines that I dedicate to every teacher who has made a lasting impact on my life – “We owe you a debt we try to repay but never quite succeed. For you believed in us and had hopes for us. You flung wide doors for us and hoped we will get through. Most of us have drifted into very ordinary paths. The ones you showed seemed quite uphill..the end very distant at times. But whenever we succeed in anything, however small it might be, we smile toward you. It may not be the fabulous bouquet we meant for you. But take these lesser flowers”.

Thank you for being there. We are because you are.

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  1. Arunima, I find your blogs cute. Being a teacher I felt so happy reading this one. I feel so happy to meet grateful students. So happy to come across creative girls. Keep on writing. And you know, I am subscribing. Good luck dear.

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