I wish I could…

i wish

I wish I could show you,
The depth of my love
I vouch it would beat a 1000 Marianas*
And reach a 1000 skies above.

I wish I could tell you,
How your love adds serenity
Alas! There’s no measurement
Perhaps, it is like infinity.

I wish I could find words,
To tell you how I feel
But, words would limit my world
Which is beyond all vistas, and too surreal.

I wish I had the courage,
To let you go away
But I know, this I have to do
I am sure, I too will move away.

I wish I would ever fall in love again,
I know that’s impossible too
For women love only once
There’s nothing much I can do!

* Marianas : Refers to Mariana trench which is the deepest part of the World’s oceans, located in the western Pacific Ocean.

P.S : It’s an old poem. Found it while looking for other things which I obviously couldn’t find 🙂


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