INKed. And Swayed. When I first thought about this blog post, I decided I will share my experiences and lessons from INK 2012. But – now all I want to write about is my best take away from the awesomeness called ‘INK Talks’. There are times when a song just gets stuck into your psyche and sinks much deeper than any other song. And it is magical when you come across that song. For me – this happened during INK. Shankar Tucker came. He spoke. He conquered. And then he just swept everyone away with his fantastic music. He played the following video and I knew I’m going to love this song for ages to come. May be beyond. It is called ‘Kinara’.

The song goes : Geela geela, dhuaan dhuaan Geela geela, dhuaan dhuaan… Geela geela sa, dhuaan dhuaan sa Khoya hua sa, behka hua sa.. Humsafar se milta yeh kinara.. bheega bheega Sagar se gehra ye kinara … (2) Deewano jaisa chahe woh sagar
Sunta hai lehron ki aahatein(2)
Sagar ki leher jaise baje iktara
Sajde mein uske hota hai kinara

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Geela geela sa .. Dhuaan dhuaan sa ..

Sagar kinara jaise Kanha aur Radha
Kanha bin Radha kaise jeeye (2)
Kanha se Radha, Radha se Kanha
Dono ki preet chamke banke ek taara ..

Geela geela sa .. Dhuaan dhuaan sa …

Never have I seen the relationship between the sea and the shore being described more beautifully. We read so much about how they love each other but cannot find consummation. But this song was like ‘sitting on the beach on a full moon night and watching the shores welcome the crashing waves with a joyful embrace; as if long lost lovers meet and again drift apart in a matter of a few seconds which for them is perhaps an eternity.’  Give it one more read and you would know.

Order Tramadol Florida INK was humbling. Inspiring. Beautiful. Moving. Fun. Frolic. Work. Friendship. It taught me the value of ‘adding value to the world’, giving back more than you have received, following your dreams and passions; INK has taught me that your life is about the impact you create; be it on one person or a million.

INK has given me this song ; which is ‘love’. And that’s what makes the whole world move. Enjoy the song!