New year resolutions

Another year gone by and a whole set of resolutions broken last year :P. But, I made new ones again. These are simple though. Not heavy ones like- “I will wake up early, I will eat less, I will study more” etc etc. I have resolved to do things that I love doing… yeye 😀 Here goes my list:

Cheapest Alprazolam Online 1. I will blog more, I will write more. It is time I did things that I like more and more.

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2. I will read more books; books that I started but left midway, books that I want to read but haven’t granted myself with the privilege of the same, books that lie in want of my touch stashed mercilessly on my shelf…they deserve a better treatment and they shall have it.

3. I will take better care of myself…for myself 🙂 4. I will try and add value to people whenever I can. 5. I will smile more, laugh more, live more. 🙂 And of course, will try to keep these resolutions in tact, which, perhaps, is the biggest challenge of all. But most of all, it is a new start on old habits…which died out somewhere down the line.

I need a revival…and I am gonna have one for sure.

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