nostalgic me… what a respite it is when exams get over isn’t it? when mine ended, the same day i rushed home. i wanted 2 stay back 4 a day….but thank God i didn’t. otherwise how wud hv this blog come? the same day i reached i rushed 2 my school, my alma mater, my only place of high, my nostalgia. the annual sports was on roll……people were running forward and i…….

went back down the memory lane….never quite an athlete, i still used 2 luv the sports day in my schoolthere. like all other celebrations it ws another day where u cud let yr hair down n just njoy without being on the extreme heights of formality. it took me to the time when me n karu ran for the 100 m race hand in hand…when we asked the teacher for extra glucose even when not dizzy…when we used to fool around with seniors n juniors alike, with teachers n non-teaching staff without getting worried about the homework or the upcoming period……

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Buy Cheap Valium Online Uk i am grateful that i went or i would have missed out on the flashback of the memories that cling to my mind as if they were made yesterday…..i wd have missed out on the memories that are so close n dear 2 me…..that define nostalgia 4 me… sports day is just a small galaxy of the bigger universe of my memories…there are many more galaxies n stars in the small universe of my nostalgia….of my school….that make me just get lost in my own world, my own past…being nostalgic about happy things is one of the best feelings one can have….honestly by the way any guesses at what number we turned up in that 100m race??

4 thoughts on “ nostalgic me…

  1. hie arun,

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    Buy Genuine Diazepam there are tym whn u feel u are back to the old days with the same old environment…at dat particular point u feel comfortable bcoz u r back to to the point of ur lyf where u were protected,safe nd was unaware of the world. for u the world strtd with the family nd ended with it ..u were free mentally and emotionally..u hd big dreams ..excitement was there of entering the colg bt least aware of the lyf ahead..but thn a certain disturbance bring u back to ur real state the state where u stand now where u now hv expanded ur thoughts,ur feeling,ur compact world of knowledge..responsibility,unsecurity,pressure etc hv taken up the previous thn ur happy memory supports u..nd move on abd sing Aall ISzz WELL..:)