P. S. Never Give Up!

I realized one thing today. The things that I write down get reinforced as lessons. Had almost slept (laptop was shut). But then, I jettisoned my so precious ‘after exam’ sleep because I had to burn the post exam realization into my memory disk permanently.

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I have always hated the post exam discussion with anyone else, let alone myself. But today, I ended up discussing my ‘Econometrics’ paper with myself for a whopping 5-6 hours. It was a silent regret spree perhaps. Reason – the exam went bad! Ok. A little bit of detailing. I did the Research Methodology paper quite well because I like the subject. And yes I hated Econometrics. And, didn’t pay much attention to it.

Get Alprazolam Online But, after leaving the exam hall today I felt like literally smacking my head. The paper was ‘easy’. That extra effort, that 30 minutes of extra effort could have done it all for me. Not that I didn’t have time. I had kind of ‘given up’ because most of the topic seemed too abstruse.


https://www.catraldoylecreative.com/giwy84dl It is not about a bad paper. Not at all. Have had worse papers and exams in my life and I am sure many difficult ones lie ahead. The thing is ‘I gave up’. Shouldn’t have! It is a cliched line but yes – ‘Never give up because you never know how close you were to your destination’. True it is that practicals and not theories teach us the true lessons. Have had mine today.


https://daccordshirts.com/axlg5rcsca6 https://concordiadirecto.com/d7kdtayc P.S. Never Give Up… I did. You don’t! 


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