Prepared and Unprepared…

death is never painless and easy and beautiful. maybe the aftermath is. but no one dies painlessly. either one has to suffer. if you die unplanned, you don’t suffer but leave behind an unprepared lament of an unprecedented loss. but if you die on your deathbed, crumpled with old age, suffering every minute of your prolonged existence, marred by the disease called ‘ageing’. it is only you suffer. the only wish you have is that you were gone for good…gone so that the pain goes too. and you lessen the pain and suffering of your people.

but it’s really not worth the effort. for, this one last time you need to be selfish…you need to think of yourself and not the people you care for. dying at one go is really better. like having that one last wish…a painless exit to a beautiful existence ahead.

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