Puri Rewind

back from a well deserved holiday, all tanned and black, when i reflect upon my experience, i find it to be quite awesome and serene. beaches are incomparably beautiful. the breeze, the waves, the sunshine and the moonlight…all have a soothing effect…so inviting that a lazy drag like me woke up before sunrise and ran down to the beach to see the rising sun. went down with all the camera phones for a photo session..and had an awesome one too. sunrise from all angles, names of my favourite people on freshly wet, sunlit sand, me n mom doing sand architecture, mom n papa, me with the sun in my palm….the list just goes on…

and when the rest of the group joined, my favourite part came…attack on the sea waters for the second consecutive day. we had a blast with the beach bath…none of us minding the salty sea water choking the whole system for a few seconds every time a huge wave hit us hard(it was a hight tide…both days…fortunately). the aunties safely near the shore, the uncles at some distance, the girls(me and two more) a little further, and the boys(phew…!!!!) invisible at times(they had to be called back everytime someone spotted them)…all had huge fun. sand balls were thrown, people were dragged into the water, pushed headlong into oncoming waves, bundled in black tubes  and what not(all under strict supervision of the puri beach life guards).


the women pampered themselves at the spa, men at the beach(massage…by men) and the children at the pool..had an awesome konark trip accompanied with the beautiful night time view of the bay of bengal at ‘chandrabhaga’ point( full moon)…there’s so much to say it that it wont fit in here. but the one thing i remember very vividly is a statement by my sophomore of a brother at the chandrabhaga point:


” the intangibility of these waves is a mockery to the omnipresent tangibility of those beholding this beauty called nature”……

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