Shayari Waala Love :)

That awesome moment when you find that you and your friend have that same ‘awesome’ waala love for Shayaris. And then you spend the whole day discussing your favorite ones.

Those who love shayaris (Couplets in Hindi / Urdu) know that they have the power to express your feelings in 4 lines – something you cannot somehow do in may be 4 pages. They have the power to melt you, to make you fall in love all over again with the same person you have always loved, to remind me you of all the sweet bitter memories, to make you appreciate love…

Some say they fall in love only to be able to bathe in the awesomeness of those awesome couplets. I couldn’t agree more. As I remembered my favorite shayaris today, I came upon this one below. It has to be here before it gets lost from my repertoire.

An old song, an all time favorite. You will enjoy it if you love ‘Shayaris’ 🙂

Tumhare shehar ka mausam bada suhana lage
Mai ek sham chura loon agar bura na lage

Tumhare bas mei agar ho to bhool jao hume
Tumhe bhoolne mei shayad mujhe zamana lage

Hamare pyar se jalne lagi hai ye duniya
Dua karo kisi dushman ki bad-dua na lage

Na jaane kya hai uski bebaak aankho mei
Vo mooh chhupa ke jaaye bhi to bewafa na lage

Jo doobna hai to itne sukoon se dubo
Ke aas-paas ki leharon ko bhi pata na lage

Ho jis adaa se mere saath bewafayi kar
Ke tere baad mujhe koi bewafaa na lage

Wo phool jo mere daaman se ho gaye mansoob
Khudaa kare unhe bazaar ki hawa na lage

Tum aankh moond ke pi jao zindagi ‘Qaiser’
Ke ek ghoont mein shayad ye bad-maza na lage

There is an ‘Ishq waala love’ and there is a ‘Shayari waala love’. I would rather be in the second one <3

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