Sometimes in Life …

We want to read a book. Finish it in one go like a Pro. But sleep takes over at the most crucial stage.
We want maybe a white dress but our favorite shop with the most reasonable prices has a red one which makes us look horrible.
We want to go on a long drive all by ourselves to the most loved place but suddenly relatives tag along!
We want to have butterscotch ice-cream, but the vendor only has strawberry.
We want to be the first one to wish our best friend ‘Happy Birthday’. But, he/she is the biggest lazy bum and has to sleep right at 11:45. Pathetic! I know
We plan to be awesome in college, be the rockstar but end up watching stars at night in dismay.

Xanax Doctors Online Sometimes in life .. we want everything to be the way we want them to be … Sometimes in life …

Get Prescribed Alprazolam Online We plan to fulfill our dreams but the way seems tortuous, too tiring.
We plan to not fail. Completely forgetting that without the bottom ladders, a staircase would lead to nowhere.
We plan to be perfect. But we forget that perfection could be rote, predictable and boring.
We plan to climb mountains after mountains. But forget to rest; forget to regain energies, forget to build our mountaineering skills. Sometimes in life …

Green Xanax Bars Online Things are easy for a while and we slip into a comfort zone. And then life puts us into the ‘reality check zone’.
We never question the fullness. We only question the incompleteness.
We never stop preaching. But we always stop practicing.
We never stop begging to God for things. But we always forget to say ‘Thank You’. Sometimes in life … We question our situations.
We question the futileness of being good.
We question our own faith and purpose.
We question our hope.

Xanax Illegal Buy Online Sometimes in life … We stop living. Because we stop BELIEVING.

Buy Discount Xanax Online … That, after all, these happen ‘sometimes’.
That, someone else has been through worse. And still manages to smile.
That, in the end, none of this will matter.
Because, the fight in us will still remain … Till the end

… And that’s what matters! Some things happen in life sometimes. But, they happen to everyone!

We may stop. Life won’t. Nature won’t. Time won’t. You know why?

Because … Some things in Life … Always Go On.

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