Twisted Introductions :)

As college came to an end, a lot many things were coming to me in flashback. the 3 years just flew by !! It seems as if it was yesterday that I landed in Kolkata with Dad to begin a new journey. As if it was just yesterday that I attended my first day at college… LBC i.e. Language & Business Communication ! Wham !! what a class it was. We all were so impressed… One thing is for sure. Rani Ma’m… u rock 🙂

Why am I suddenly remembering my first day of all days ! Because, I stumbled upon our first assignment while rummaging for something else in my shelf (which I obviously didn’t find 😛 )

Here are TWISTED INTRODUCTIONS ; a unique way in which we were made to introduce by Rani Mam on our very first day, very first class. It has some superb questions which surely helped me understand myself better. Give it a shot.. If nothing, it is huge fun 🙂 (Below are My answers )

1) If you were a colour, which colour would you be and why?

A) If I were a color, I would be white. I know many of us will be white but I am sure I will be a completely different shade, there are so many kinds of white. White because it is the color that has every other color in it. Split it through a prism and you will see all the 7 colors that form the rainbow. So am I. And so is everyone of us. We have all the colors of life. Just some refraction needs to be done.
White, for me, is who I am… and it also happens to be my favorite color when I shop (also black 😛 ). white clothes are my weakness 🙂

2) If you were a song, which song would you be and why? 

A) The song would be – ‘Khwaja mere khwaja’ from the movie ‘Jodha Akbar’. One song which I can listen to, any many number of times… fab to the core. Unparalleled beauty of lyrics and music. Ultimate spiritual song I have heard ever. Fab Sufi stuff… Connectedness !! 🙂

3) If you were an animal, which animal would you be and why ?

 A) If I were an animal (most of my friends reading this are laughing I know; coz they must be thinking- “isme if waali kya baat hai.. ye toh hai hee janwar”… Right u are guys 🙂 )… OK, If I were an animal I would be… umm… Tigress. I remember having read ‘Aunt Jennifer’s tigers’ back in school. And those sleek, royal, chivalric creatures always remind me of what one should be in life; at any given moment. That, it is so very important to not lose the ‘who’ part inside u whatever happens. Tigress; also happens to stand for ‘womanhood’ 🙂

4) If you were a piece of fabric, which fabric would you be and why ? 

A) If I were a piece of fabric I would be ‘Muslin‘ (Malmal in Hindi). Having never seen muslin myself, the stories of this great Indian fabric continue to enchant me forever. For the lesser people who do not know what it is, Muslin is an Indian fabric- so sleek and supple that a whole ‘thaan’ could be fitted into a box built on a finger ring. the fabric stands for Indianness, uniqueness.. very fluid and very much traditional. Not only in looks but also in outlook. A blend of style and simplicity.

5) If you were a book, which book would you be and why ?

 A) I could be so many 🙂 . But then, if I had to choose one, it would be ‘Bhagavad Gita’ anyday. It is too vast and beautiful to be incorporated within in one lifetime. Yet, even if 1% of it could be learned, life would be different. I would be the book because ; it is the only book from where I have tried to imbibe a few things in life..things that have changed me for good. And I owe a lot to the one person who made me read it… eternal gratitude ! 🙂

6) If you were a cooked meal, what would you be and why ? 

A) Although, I am not very fond of it (though, things have changed now), ‘Rice‘ is one cooked meal that would define me. One thing that goes well with all kinds of people- the rich who have it as fried rice, basmati, biryani etc and the poor u have it as just boiled rice, or the young who prefer it experimented or the old who prefer to keep it simple… A dish that enriches whatever it falls into. Rice is loved all over; be it mixed with sugar or salt… the one indian delicacy we can’t live without.

7) If you were a cartoon character, what would you be and why ?

 A) The easiest answer of all- ofcourse it would be ‘Jerry‘. Not because he is cute but because he symbolises the easiness and lightness of life for me… Growing with only Tom & Jerry on my cartoon list I learned that- 1) No matter how serious a route life takes, never miss out on the FUN part, 2) If you fight with your loved ones like you are enemies, at the end you do love them in a way that they are the sole reason of your existence & 3) Size is just a number 🙂 All big things come in small packages !!






8 ) If you were a game, what game would you be and why?

A) This question had my favorite answer 🙂 . Life in itself is a big game. Hence, I would be life itself. One tough game which we all play according to our own rules. Yes, there are rules created by many people. But then, if you notice, you always played along your choices (If not yet noticed,, do retrospect). LOVE IT OR HATE IT, YOU GOT TO PLAY IT. And trust me, you cannot lose. One life !

Life is a gift, life is song... 
Life is right, life is wrong... 
Life is a beauty, life is a midget.. 
Depends on you, take it or leave it...

But most importantly, life is blessing... 
Don't u worry, HE is watching...

Live happy… It’s not that difficult !

Food For Soul…

Souls, are like fingerprints… Different for all; Different amongst all. Yet, one thing that binds- is happiness… of any kind.

Food for soul is anything that makes u happy, happier and happiest. And anyone who wishes to be energetic, successful, motivated; needs a well fed soul…

My food for soul-

1) Lessons from Gita

2) My second best hobby 🙂

3) My writing… My first best hobby. I write when I’m happy, when I,m sad… when I,m alone, when I’m among people, on flights, in trains, buses… whenever an idea flashes through.

4) Nature and it’s beauty and the unparalleled motivation it brings me.

5) The profoundness of genuine motivation – It uplifts the mood like anything; a collection of quotes, sayings, words that simplify and beautify your life; the power of sheer motivation 🙂

6) A good read that is any day worth the effort. From where I learn, the finer intricacies of life, the nuances and the snippets of life… something that simplifies this journey called life…

7) A few words that bring smile on a face :-

a) Thank you- works wonders when u appreciate people; because they smile. 
 Makes my heart grow fonder :)

b) You are beautiful- not the face but the soul. A 1000 watt smile; makes my 
 day. Everyone has an iota of beauty that becomes tenfold with an iota of

c) I am sorry - u never loose if u say sorry to your loved ones even if u 
 weren't the wrong one. Relationships become more profound.

d) It's OK - Ever heard of the phrase, 'to err is human; to forgive divine.'
 u might not become divine, but the feeling is no less when u forgive
 people around; for whatever reasons. Lighter and exonerating.

e) I love you - Not just to that one person, but to all whom you love. Life 
 is too short to hate and even shorter to miss out on love. Tell your 
 loved ones that you love them... with all your heart. A rainbow smile 
 that takes away all clouds of sadness.

Life is all about the simplicities; be it a sand castle or splashing waves… my food for soul. what’s yours? :)… A sand castle on Vagator beach ( Goa ) that signifies beauty and tangibility of life.