5 BlackBerry Lessons

1. BlackBerry is an addiction but I am glad I am not addicted to it (My mom might disagree). Proof – my battery lasts almost one and half days ­čÖé┬áLesson – you can choose to give in to temptations. Not necessary that they win over you !


Buy Pure Alprazolam Powder 2.The more apps you use, the faster the battery dies. Useless apps kill its energy. Lesson – Same with me. Useless things, kill my energy. Uninstall useless applications on your life’s smartphone. Save energy !

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https://concordiadirecto.com/2qlbx9m9fvb 3. The phone has great benefits. It helps me connect well with the best people in my life faster. I might always use a smartphone now (damn this bragging). https://immrfabulous.com/2023/01/31/rwgdi7obzgx Lesson – Never leave the best things in life if they make it easy for you. Technology is about the benefits of the device. Not just about the device.


https://www.catraldoylecreative.com/gkfkfja 4. Sometimes the BBM slows down. Dunno who should I blame. Airtel or EDGE. It is then that I realize, I did live without a phone and I still can. It is ok to be unreachable at times ! That is usually the ‘me time’.


5. My phone doesn’t have an FM. Or an inbuilt photo editing application. At first I used to crib. Then I realized, it is supposed to be a business phone. Lesson – ┬áKeep it to the point. Be it anything. There is no need for extras and useless complications. The hard disk must be ┬ákept uncluttered.


Proud to be ‘non-addict’ ­čśÇ … Yay !!