My Andaman Impressions

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There were many things that made me lose my heart to the place called Andamans. One of them was this mesmerizing picture. It has left a mark like none other and has inspired this small little write up on ‘What I expect out of my holiday in Andaman & Nicobar Islands’.

clip image002 thumb A place where you listen to nature   My Andaman Impressions

As I closed my eyes, this is all I could imagine …

The serene beach…

The greens, blues, whites, browns… the hues of the golden Sun…

The salty smell of the waters which was sweeter than honeysuckle…

The crunch of gravel and then the softness of the wet sand…

The perfect shape of my small footprints on the soil…

The soft touch of the flowers that my feet could feel as I tread on them, strewn all over the beach…

The beauty of what I saw when I closed my eyes for a moment to savor this…

It was like Andamans was making an irrevocable imprint on my soul, a mark of beauty, a mark of Life.

I have always imagined my morning to be like this whenever I get to holiday in Andamans. The Emerald Isle (better known as Andaman & Nicobar Islands) has always been one of the dream holiday destinations. And everytime I think of it, all I do is ‘smile’ and ‘anticipate’; whether it will be more beautiful than my imaginations or much more beautiful. Being less than what I think, is not a possibility, I am sure. 🙂

Andamans was already reaching up to my soul… mending repairs with each step that I took towards the sea. The horizon far ahead had a strange magnetic pull to it; as if the crashing waves had a lesson to teach, an answer to preach. The persistence of the beauty that I was witnessing and the song that nature was playing for me- were spelling perfection for me. At that very moment my feet met the water. The cool blue water. Had I known Bliss before? May be yes. May be no. But this moment was one of its kind.

I was having a rendezvous with life. Khayyam saab’s words reverbated in my ears – “Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.”

I closed my eyes and spread my hands to welcome the warmth that I was witnessing. The feel of embracing the winds, the light, the music – I felt as if I was being untangled ! The serene, impeccably clean and quiet beach of a far off island by the name Andaman was teaching me a great lesson of life – life is beautiful, very beautiful. If only you know how to celebrate the small, random things in life.

I was happy. Happy as I allowed ‘me’ to take over my own self while squatting at the beach for like hours, looking at passers by taking a stroll at the beach. Happy as I made doodles and meaningless pattern on the wet sand and saw them being washed away by the ferociously beautiful waves. Happy when the waves brought me back a beautiful stray shell as a memoir.

I was happy that I was having the best conversation with myself, that I was finding some part of myself which I had lost somewhere in the pace of life. I was happy that I was making friends with my best friend – myself!

I am not much of an adventure person. Yet, the coral reefs are the second priority on my list of to dos during this holiday. If I am done with romancing nature, I would definitely want to have a look at these marvels of nature. A fortnight or may be more, of ceaseless vistas of blue and beauty would be a perfect window to rejuvenate and emerge. A beach cottage would perhaps be the perfect place to be known as home then.

Andamans is different things for different people. Romantic getaways, adventure getaways, exploration getaways – you name it and you will find something in Andamans for sure. I do not know whether I go with friends or family. But, I know that I will have my moments of solitude. For me, it will always be a journey of finding peace, even if momentary. It is the place where I would want the mind and heart to come to confluence. In solidarity I would like to have the best companionship of my own self in a place like Andaman. It is where I am sure to find respite from life, where I am sure to find a better, simpler and more wanted life.

Food For Soul…

Souls, are like fingerprints… Different for all; Different amongst all. Yet, one thing that binds- is happiness… of any kind.

Food for soul is anything that makes u happy, happier and happiest. And anyone who wishes to be energetic, successful, motivated; needs a well fed soul…

My food for soul-

1) Lessons from Gita

2) My second best hobby 🙂

3) My writing… My first best hobby. I write when I’m happy, when I,m sad… when I,m alone, when I’m among people, on flights, in trains, buses… whenever an idea flashes through.

4) Nature and it’s beauty and the unparalleled motivation it brings me.

5) The profoundness of genuine motivation – It uplifts the mood like anything; a collection of quotes, sayings, words that simplify and beautify your life; the power of sheer motivation 🙂

6) A good read that is any day worth the effort. From where I learn, the finer intricacies of life, the nuances and the snippets of life… something that simplifies this journey called life…

7) A few words that bring smile on a face :-

a) Thank you- works wonders when u appreciate people; because they smile. 
 Makes my heart grow fonder :)

b) You are beautiful- not the face but the soul. A 1000 watt smile; makes my 
 day. Everyone has an iota of beauty that becomes tenfold with an iota of

c) I am sorry - u never loose if u say sorry to your loved ones even if u 
 weren't the wrong one. Relationships become more profound.

d) It's OK - Ever heard of the phrase, 'to err is human; to forgive divine.'
 u might not become divine, but the feeling is no less when u forgive
 people around; for whatever reasons. Lighter and exonerating.

e) I love you - Not just to that one person, but to all whom you love. Life 
 is too short to hate and even shorter to miss out on love. Tell your 
 loved ones that you love them... with all your heart. A rainbow smile 
 that takes away all clouds of sadness.

Life is all about the simplicities; be it a sand castle or splashing waves… my food for soul. what’s yours? :)… A sand castle on Vagator beach ( Goa ) that signifies beauty and tangibility of life.