Friendship Day ?? Naah !!!

Or Friendship Week ?? Still, a no……

The only change from any other normal day that I observe on Friendship Day is- 

1) My SMSes are not free which is very bad because I always remember they are being charged on the occasion of ‘Friendship Day’ after having sent almost a dozen and suddenly noticing the drastic decline in my already ‘on the verge of collapsing’ phone balance.

2) Inbox is full of forwards having too much of flora, fauna & emotions. Tough time deleting them later. A simple message with a 1 minute effort is much better than a stupid forward.

Friendship is not a day/week celebration. is it ? It’s a celebration of a lifetime, of every moment, of being blissfully happy for the family that God allows you to choose for yourself.

I celebrate my friendship when –

1) A random thought in between a busy schedule makes me stop all work and take a smiley break (often an ROFL break as well ) … It is when I think “How stupid was that ?” Yet, it somehow made perfect sense that day and it makes perfect sense even today.

2) A random corner of a known street reminds me of some very special moment that I shared with my friend… It is when in that randomness I realize how deeply I understand my friend.

3) I am at my friend’s favourite restaurant having our common favourite food & nostalgic about some very great conversation we had over some extremely silly topic

4) I check out random people walking on the road and suddenly remember how we take our picks among the best ones and do a detailed analysis 🙂 … When I remember taking our picks and often fighting over the same ones I and my friend chose… Stupid battles !

5) I doodle at the back of my notebook & make silly circles & loops wishing my friend was there so that we could have had a silent conversation or a knots & crosses game… When in the midst of an extremely boring class I write about my friendship (and posts like this are born)

6) I know that my friend needs me yet I don’t call up because I also know that my friend doesn’t want to talk right now… When I know that when my friend calms down, I will come to know what was wrong because my friend will share it with me 🙂

7) I remember every other small little moment, cherish them… When I cherish the presence of beautiful friendships in my life…. It is then when I celebrate my friendship !

With so many things to be celebrated, a day is not enough… JUST NOT ENOUGH !

Friendship is yet another celebration that continues for a lifetime; let’s celebrate 🙂

Rising & Shining !

In between my old notes, I found a new poem; had written it ages ago…

The weight of failure,                                                           
Seems too much to take
I wish to rise
A phoenix; from ashes & flakes…

Expectations, unexpectations…
Too abstruse to simplify
I’m still so mired..
All I want is to fly…

Yet, Thank you God so much
For the beautiful people u gave
Eternal bliss is the power of inspiration
No more I’m sad, no more I’m grave…

To err is human
I kept telling all
To forget is human too
I forgot during pall…

For all those who stood by
It’s a beautiful gesture
A thank you for things so many…
You make my life, every moment, better

The sheer faith you have
I would do it for you
Things will be more than better
Beautiful & Simple too…
Just for YOU !