Ye Inaayatein Gazab Ki !!

2 am blogging is an absolutely mad but a ‘smile creating’ experience. Lived it many times. Living it again.

This post again, is on poems, shayri… Ghazal this time; along with lyrics and video and a ‘nearly okayish translation’ (forgive any mistakes. The translation has been aided by google. If anyone who knows Urdu could give a proper translation, would be great) … Here it is –

Ye inaayatein ghazab ki  (The strangeness of favor)
Ye bala ki meherbaani  (The obligation / misfortune)
Meri khairiyat bhi poochi  ( He asked my well being)
Kisi aur ki zubaani  (But through someone else)
Meri bezubaan aankhon se  (Through my speechless eyes)
Gire jo chand katre  (Fell a few teardrops)
Jo samajh sako toh aansu  (If you understand, they are tears)
Naa samajh sako toh paani  (If you don’t, they are just water)
Mere khoon-e-aarzoo ko  (My blood which has imbibed love)
Woh samajh rahe hain paani   (He takes it to be water)
Unhe hosh tak naa aaya  (He couldn’t realize it)
Ye guzar gayi jawaani  (My youth has come to an end now)
Sunni nahi hai humko  (I don’t want to listen to it)
Kisi aur ki zubaani  (From someone else)
Teri subah keh rahi hai  (Your morning is the witness)
Teri raat ki kahaani  (Of the stories of your night)
Ye inaayatein ghazab ki
Ye bala ki meherbaani …  

The lyrics are just not enough. You have to listen to this FAB song …