I often commit mistakes …

I do not know whether it is a way of saying Sorry or saying I Love You. But, have always cherished these lines.

I often commit mistakes
Tell me when I am wrong
Punish me; if necessary
But do not foresake me please.
You may leave me feeling let down
But never leave me alone
You may not back me always
But never turn your back on me
Without your support...
I have no meaningful existence !

Looks more like forgiveness. Wanted to share a thing or two about the same.


Very few people can actually forgive. Forgiveness is more about forgetting and less about saying, “It’s OK.” Forgiveness as a value, is made for the one who forgives and not for the one who asks for it. You feel good when you forgive someone; and it is more than the relief that the other person feels.

The best way to ask for forgiveness is not expensive gifts / dinners. It is only a ‘Dil Say’ apology. If you cannot say it, write it. Nothing works better. But again, that is just my opinion ! Nothing in this world is worth enough, to lose the best people in our lives. And if your ego comes in between your sorry, may be you just don’t deserve that relationship … If no apology works, just send this poem :)

P.S – This poem has been taken from a book called ‘Divine Whispers’