The way I Love You …

Xanax Order Lorazepam I wrote this poem ages ago… another find from the relics of my collection.

Xanax In Australia Buy Online I wrote this on behalf of some friend ( Don’t remember exactly 😛 ) It’s irrevocable The way I love you I Want To Buy Alprazolam Online I love you so much As if, everywhere it’s you… only you

Xanax Prescriptions Online From me comes an aura That reminds me of you Online Xanax Vendor My energy, my life… my soul Buy Xanax Powder Online All start from you & end in you…

Brand Name Xanax Online The pain that grips you there Breaks me every moment here An eternity passed with each second When I knew I couldn’t care…when I wasn’t there

Xanax Discount Online

Xanax Online Usa The supple beauty of your touch The forever present warmth Feels like a beautiful era bygone My heart refuses.. It just can’t move on I fear I will forget your face It is the only treasure I have I fear the memories will slip away In them I find all the courage I have… My laughter, my eyes, my smile… They miss the profound beauty of your love My very incomplete soul misses, The perfection in having you, my Love !

Crazy, it has to be – the way I love you The best thing, about me – is YOU Irrevocable, immutable, unchangeable, absolute It is every day that I thank God – he brought me you 🙂 ……………………………..

Another poem – I love it when