The beauty of Conversations

conversationIf you have a person, with whom you can keep talking about ‘any topic under the Sun’ and it is not generally bullshit that girlfriends do with each other, NEVER let that person go. Because, a good conversation is like a replenishment for the soul! Like a self filling glass of drink that keeps your evening going. And maybe nights too!

There is a basic necessity of a conversation. Intellect. You feel good after a great conversation. Like you have read a good book, albeit at a much faster rate.

Even as I type this, I’m having a moving parallel conversation with a brilliant friend of mine who is not only an intelligent IITian but also an awesome connoisseur of books, music, films, philosophies.  As she slaps me out of my dream men who are all unreachable, I tell her about a song from the 90s which has a brilliant shayari. And just like that, the conversation moves from worthless relationships to awesome shayris. Then somehow we land onto Khaled Hosseini’s ‘Mountain Echoed & Chitra Bannerjee’s ‘The Palace of Illusions’ and Amish Tripathi’s ‘The Shiva Trilogy’ (has to be there no? 🙂 ) and why the hell is PC being cast as Sati in its motion movie version. The conversation meanders through different realms of life that commonly affects both of us and we learn so much from each other in the process. From scolding each other to feeling ecstasy on discovering songs we both love – it is a plethora of emotions in an hour. And a lot of lessons. Rajshree! You rock girl 🙂

Not only am I sure, that this is one company I will always cherish, but also I know – that everytime we have such a conversation, I will only come out as a better person, that I will learn – that life is like a great conversation and you keep shifting between phases like moods in a conversation. That as much as you talk, you have to listen also – because that’s what enriches you. That, in this one small little minuscule life,  sometimes it is important to let go, to go with the flow!

There are conversations with self. And there are conversations with people. In all cases, it is the conversation that matters. It could become your music, your turn on aphrodisiac, your food for soul, your necessity for being with people, your way of learning. Let it be something in your life. Don’t let the value of ‘conversations’ go away. Don’t just stagnate. You may not have really lived, if you have not read good books, traveled well, heard good music, did something for someone which they can never pay back and never indulged in heart-centric, moving, awesome rendezvous with awesome people, be they known or unknown!

As they say, “Oh man! A Good conversation is a Rare and a Beautiful thing.”


2 thoughts on “The beauty of Conversations

  1. I’m surprised(& glad)I make u feel this way 😀
    Rarely u meet people looking for beautiful meanings in something as trivial as a conversation.

    • Hehe 😀

      Conversations are never trivial babes. We are what we are because of them, if I think about it. Long talks with teachers, mom dad, friends – they make us who we are!

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