The Life, the Soul and a Mirror…

Weird as it sounds, the title and the words that follow, must be easy to comprehend… I guess πŸ™‚

There is always so much conflict between what we are, what we have, and what we eventually want to be… isn’t it?

Life- is the part that we have with us. The most beautiful part… The one that has been gifted to us for cherishing and living. There is no running away from it… And it is truly said “there is no use complaining about how you don’t like the shape your life has taken; it’s only as beautiful as you want it to be…”

Soul- is the part that we want to be :)…. our deepest and most desperate desires are hidden behind the veil of our body, in the mesmerizing soul… It is everything that we have ever desired, our true self… our soul is our most beloved part. The part that we most childishly and stubbornly want to be with us forever…

Mirror- shows the reflection of what/ who we are. You look into the mirror and always the real ‘YOU’ looks back, boring into those eyes and spilling out each and every truth about you; sweet, bitter, glorious, beautiful, dark, effulgent etc etc…a myriad of adjectives :).. It is where we see our ego and our alter ego.. our best self. As if, the mirror is our best critique; a piece of glass that never lies and makes the body a ‘see through’ cover for the eyes and heart to introspect !!

I know all this sounds so recondite :P… It appeared so to me; when the idea first came up… OK; I have an analogy that might make it easier :-

The life, the soul and a mirror are the 3 women that come to a man’s life πŸ™‚ . ‘Life’ is theΒ  woman that stays forever; as the life partner. ‘Soul’ is the woman he falls madly in love with and wants to BE WITH. ‘Mirror’ is the woman who understands him the best; like a good friend. … And luckiest is the man who looks into the mirror and finds the reflection of his soul as life stands by πŸ™‚ And happiest is the man who looks into the mirror and sees himself exactly as he is. Reminds me of ‘The Mirror of Erised’ πŸ™‚

Any mirror would do. But there is only one soul and only one life πŸ™‚

And, would not it be so beautiful if your life was exactly what your soul was and what your mirror showed you? πŸ™‚ It is not easy; yet important that we strike a balance between- what we have, what we want and who we are… !

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