The moon

it ws 11:45 and freezing out there in the terrace….n why ws i out??? well thats a pretty gud question….i luv 2 wander in my terrace at night when the moon shines bright…ok enough of poetry…..but yes the night was beautiful… ws that kind of beauty that u could just behold n behold n behold…..very calm n serene n dignified……n cold

evn when the moon was not full it cast a silver sheen all over……as if basking everything around in a beauty unparalleled n incomparable 2 anything else……a soothing calm that every being requires 4 keeping itself sane……..i dont mean 2 compare but if sun is hot then the moon is cool, its like warmth vs cool, edgedness vs tranquitlity, power vs purity……..can u even compare them??? i dont think so….if we wait 4 d sun every morning we wait 4 d moon every night… no comaprisons……..

together these 2 celestial marvels teach us some gr8 lessons of life…….if we bother 2 learn them at all..i recently did n it really changes the way i look 2wards myself, my people and my life. why do we compare??everything in this place we call our world is unique, every creature is different 4m another of its kind, if not in build then in mind and heart.

every person has a different and a special place in our life…..and that cannot be just given away 2 anyone else…..can a sun do the job of a moon, can it come out in the night 2 give peace n tranquility 2 its seekers??? we al know the answer. so why do we try 2 take places instead of making our own special place in the hearts of the people who matter 2 us……..the effort is not worth it….honestly….

coz when we replace people we have expectations, that we be treated and loved the same way as the person was being loved and cared for. but when we make for ourselves its selfless, and without great expectations…..of getting back what we are giving….and just going on loving the person, caring for that person regardless of wether he does the same 4 u…..coz it dosnt matter……the moon does his duty without fail and inconsiderate of whether people adore the moon or the sun…….coz ho knows that both of them have very different roles 2 play and very different work 2 do…..its just how we percieve it

so when i feel being disregarded…..i just look upto the moon, ever shining, ever bright, awe-inspiring and ever so right(phew…….my poery)……and a smile spreads across me…….true it is-

“beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder…….”

2 thoughts on “The moon

  1. very thoughtful indded….
    Putting what you said , into continual practice is something not achieved easily… for most ppl not at all…
    But, if you, or I , or anyone for that matter can keep this in mind even 5 out of 10 times…. then I think it would obviate the majority of reasons for jealousy and depression….

    P.S. The moon does lift one’s spirits up 🙂

    • most of the times it is very difficult 2 do so…..coz we are very apprehensive abt changing ourselves n moving towards a better life…..we feel happy in being unhappy…it is the choice we make

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