2 thoughts on “The Shiva Trilogy : Lessons for a Lifetime.

  1. Agreed to your observation of Lord Shiva & work of Amish Tripathi. I am halfway across the last part of the saga. It’s good you didn’t put any spoilers here. 🙂
    I too hope he doesn’t stops here. And to tell you, I think he may have something more to tell.

  2. Hey Arunima,

    Another well written post.
    I am about to finish part 2 of Shiva Trilogy and loving every bit of it, as soon as it gets over i will start reading Part 3.

    Overall the presentation of series is brilliant, i can already see this series on big screen.
    Character of Shiva gives cool a whole new definition and Sati matches Shiva at every step.

    Writing is easy and the twists entertaining,also though fictional – lot of history is served well.
    I am not a complete believer in God and always believed they were great kings – this trilogy somehow satisfies me with its unique take.
    Overall loving the part 2 and loved your post.

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