3 thoughts on “Which Sadness is Sadder

  1. Most of what you have written, is a fact even I’ve tried to explain to others. Thanks.. we’ve now in writing what i too had in narration..Really good one..:)

  2. “I have not yet reached a stage where I can deeply contemplate the not so happy happenings of the world & end up being sad with all the problems around me; the issues of women safety, world poverty, ruthlessness etc etc.”

    I had been really happy the first time i read it but i am not sure if i am today with the same intensity. Probably i have reached the stage that you mention in these lines and so i fail to go back to who I was., the brave, the optimistic self.

    Earlier cancer seemed big to me, real big.

    But now when i see the suffering all around me, suffering that won’t come to an end, I feel, my cancer was nothing.

    I wonder how I changed, I changed nonetheless.

    Thank you for this entry. 🙂

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