If my IIM L were a person…

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He would be my toughest good bye.
I would keep going past his home,
Wishing for one hug good bye
Waiting for that beautiful high

Buy Valium Tablets Uk I would memorize each and every corner
Like I am burning him in my memory
Learn his contours, his smile
Like my own reflection, my ‘chokher bali’* I would stare into his eyes
And speak a thousand silent words
I would wake up to the impeccable beauty
Of him as the gorgeous night ends I would steal his perfume
Capture it in a vintage flask
It would be my refuge, my escape
When tough questions, life does ask In his loving, warm embrace
I would find my peace
The world would stop for a moment
And I would melt and ease He would teach me true love
Unconditionally, like an unbreakable vow
He would keep loving me
No matter when, no matter how

I would see him through times good and bad
Through praise, through criticism, through scrutiny
He would still always be my person
Through years, centuries, many a destiny

Buy Genuine Diazepam Online Uk I know this is not the end
With some, there is a life time
It’s not just him I love
But his existence too, through space and time If my IIM L were a person…
If my IIM L were a person…
I would wait for that final kiss
One final hug good bye! ………………. A small ode to my beloved beloved campus on my very last day. What started as a brief affair, is ending with the beginning of a life time of romance ahead. As much as I try, I am not able to put in words (or even my own expressions) the terrible amount of love I have for this place, what it has given me, who it has given me as people in my life. I am leaving a part of my soul behind in this place. And carrying a little of it with me. Forever.

Is it normal to love a place so much? I guess it is. Because IIM Lucknow is not a place anymore. It’s an emotion. It is love. It is home. It always will be.

Buy Cheap Valium From India Ending with a line that I have come to love so much, जितनी तू मिलती जाए
उतनी लगे थोड़ी थोड़ी… …. * Chokher Bali – a. Literally translates to a dust particle in the eye
b. One of the many famous works of Rabindranath Tagore; love that costs you but you still keep loving

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