Means : little or no importance or consequence.

We have surrounded ourselves with so much pettiness. Petty feelings, petty emotions, petty lethargy, petty conversations, petty issues and so much more…

For instance, I get a message from someone I know after a very long time and all that person talks is crass. There is nothing in that conversation that could be relished or taken forward. Here’s something to think about – why do we waste our time in talking about things that won’t take us anywhere? Not indulging in small, petty talk – is maybe one awesome way to grow in life.

The time that we invest in pettiness, is never going to get us any good returns. It will only bring back more pettiness. When we replace our desire to grow, to achieve more than we could have possible imagined for our own self with the temptations of doing ‘nothing’; this pettiness becomes life. Rather, it slowly decays whatever little chances we might have had of doing something great with our self.

While having that conversation, I also realized that – great conversations, which add value to your thoughts, which are based on knowledge sharing and which goad you to do something extra-ordinary – are very rare. And can happen with very rare people. Maybe we need to choose our conversations well.

Pettiness is emotions would be – being so sentimental that we start becoming menti-sental! If your emotions do not buttress your goals in life, those emotions deserve to binned. Nothing more, nothing less. Being over emotional is having pettiness in emotions. Isn’t it very exhaustive? Then we have to think about so so so much more than we need to. All that thinking could be utilized in doing something good with our lives. That would be a much better option.

Having thoughts that are pure; so pure that merely sharing them with others makes them smile – is one of the most awesome things we could inculcate. Don’t we love being around people who have interesting stories to share, who have a brilliant thought process, who do not indulge in ‘choti baat’, who give us amazing insights to life, who make us feel grown up, learned and good?

Abstaining from petty issues and emotions would give us so much more leeway to make good progress in life. Then, whatever little we do, would mean so much more. We would grow so much more 🙂

I think, the word & concept of petty is best when used in accounts. It should have no room in our lives!


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