10 things one should know about Women

Okay it is a cliched title. But, it comes from a woman. A woman’s take on how women are !

I have been made to get into this habit of absolutely planning out blogposts before they are on roll. But, sometimes, it is a just a super random thing like today. One of those days when I do not understand – why are women like this !

(Katrina Kaif because I love this picture πŸ™‚ )

Women and Love

1) There is no creature in the world which can love like a woman does. Not humanly or non-humanly possible. She can stop showing but she cannot stop caring. Ever. Not in her nature.

2) Women do not fall out of love (another side of the 1st point). Yes they move on. They can love other people. But with all their heart, they can love only one person in their whole life. No one can change it.

3) As in love; so in jealousy. Heard this somewhere and found it to be really true – “A jealous woman is a better detective than any trained one” πŸ˜› … The woman who says she is not jealous is lying, to be very honest. Jealousy is ingrained in women as deep as (to the point of exaggeration) Marina Trench is deep into the earth πŸ™‚ . And yes, there is absolutely no logic behind them getting jealous. But still they do.

Women Rules

4) We love breaking rules. We set the rules ‘no expectations’ but we end up expecting the most out of people. And as the ‘expectation story’ goes, they never get fulfilled. And then comes the crankiness. We cannot say that we started expecting things out of people because it was our RULE to ‘not expect’ … I swear ! Sometimes, the complexities of being a woman amazes me.

5) It is true when men say – it is difficult to understand women. Our mood swings are as erratic as the MET’s predictions. Nothing doing. One moment we are all happy and next moment the clouds of irritation start looming large. Ofcourse it will always be related to something we cannot have ! πŸ˜›

6) Women love shopping ! Or Gift Baskets for Women for that matter. They might say that they don’t need it. In fact, my favorite dialogues (used some of them myself) – “Please ! I don’t need it now” / “You don’t have to spend so much on me” / “I won’t be able to gift a better one” . Modesty I tell you. The insides are brimming with joy that someone finds us special enough to gift us something. Crazy women πŸ™‚

Funny but that’s how we are !Β 

7) Dear Men. You check out every woman on the road. We check out only the classy ones πŸ˜€ … Yes. We do. And we too analyze them the same way as you do. Ok may be we don’t get into the depths of imagination. But yes, and we can tell more about a woman from that check out session than you can. Okay ! no competition. I think we differ in the basic perspective πŸ™‚

8 ) We fuss over things and we like them to be perfect. I know it gets irritating after a level. We start the criticising session which everyone hates. Sometimes even we do. Ah ! Difficult task. Being a woman. I tell you. We fiddle and fidget with table cloths, bed sheets, wardrobes, desks etc etc but then – that is what makes a home right ! Though, there are breeds of disorganized women too (I being one of them πŸ˜› ) … Lemme give a secret. If your woman loves you, your home will never be messy.

9) Women love praise. We absolutely love it. We will keep on saying, “It’s okay. I did it for you. You don’t have to thank. You are a friend. Are you in a bad mood; since you are praising me.” And all those cheesy lines. But, andar ke baat ye hai ki, we feel really happy when someone does that. Okay. Lemme tell you one more ‘andar ki baat’ – Most of the times, we do know whether the praise is real or perfunctionary. But then, we just take it because, it is true that when we do something, we do it for ourselves and not for anyone else. It is all because it matters to us. Not because it does to the person we did it for.

10) Yes we believe in happy endings. What’s wrong in being at least this mushy ? It is chocolate that melts a woman to a great level. But it is only love that melts her to the greatest level. Β A movie dialogue and a random quotation I would like to quote (forgot the author).

Dialogue – “A woman only wants that she be loved by her man in a way that no one else has ever loved anyone in this world.” (Rab ne bana di Jodi) … Β Yes it is true. Whatever kind of woman your woman is, if you love her like this, she is yours forever. And it doesn’t take 24 hours a day to do that. Just 10 minutes which are akin to moments worthy of 24hrs would suffice.

Thought – ” The most precious possession that comes to a man is a woman’s heart” . True, but I won’t explain. Fall in love in a pure way and you will get to see for yourself.

Attention !! This post has been co-written by Ankita Jha (a maverick friend of mine) … and, Sorry if any lady gets hurt or feels ‘Hey ! I am not like this’ – baby, get a grip. Truth hurts πŸ™‚ … Even I am like this and I am proud to be like this.