The Seductive Power of a Decent Vocabulary

It’s here! I finally dragged myself out of my writer’s block (or so I am thinking right now. We’ll see how it shapes up!)

So, the seductive power. Hmm. I would say, not just vocabulary. Decent English Β grammar ( I mean in any language) too is very seductive. Probably more. Ever heard Benedict Cumberbatch speak? My God he could send you into a puddle right there just by his words. Mr. Benedict Sherlock Cumberbatch. And here comes the fangirl rant. Ignore. My friends have already mastered the art! πŸ™‚ [This one’s for you Teddy]

english power


So, back to seduction. But why is it seductive? When we have blue jeans and white shirts and black converse and good perfume too. And when have all sorts of things women could do too πŸ˜‰ Because that could be just vanity. I know many disagree. And they have all the right. But I said ‘could be’ and not ‘would be’. See! someone with decent grammar would immediately catch that. See what I did there?

Anyway, it is like – to each his own. But every ‘each person’ ‘s heart secretly reaches out for someone who can stun them with a decent hold over language. And I mean any language. Speak immaculate Hindi and you have me hooked. Speak flawless French and you have me hooked bad (even though I don’t understand a word of it. So you could probably hoodwink me there. But don’t. Because I will end up asking the meaning).

Reason: Did you hear the phrase ‘Brainy is the new sexy’? Of course you did. You have watched Sherlock. (What! You haven’t? Please. We need to sit and talk. How many hours did you waste watching crappy Indian TV?). But to be honest, brainy has been sexy since time immemorial.

And the fact that you have decent hold over a language means that you have been reading. That you appreciate words and thoughts and their intricate, awesome connections. That you read books and you pay attention to them is enough for me. That it impacts you is very seductive for me. And I am assuming, so it is for other women (even those who themselves don’t read.) Trust me – brainy is universally sexy!

And when you use words like ‘congrates’ and ‘tks’ and ‘enuf’ and ‘noe’ and ‘eu’ (for you) and ‘ma'(for my) – I inwardly cringe. And so do my fellow members of mankind who have collected awesomeness by reading. I can vouch, at least, for some of the most awesome men and women I know! Just to create space and save precious nanoseconds of your life, please don’t kill a language so brutally. Or do it in front of people who don’t mind. Not us. We are a lot which often gets hooked on to conversations that are a mixture of crazy fun and awesome intellect.

And, when you write complete sentences in the middle of thousands who don’t because they were dreaming during their Std 2 language class, we silently worship you. We adore you and want to read / listen to more of you. We see you as unique. Don’t mistake this for a bias for English. It is a bias for language, sincerity, culture and a thirst to try and be better with each word you read.

There, I gave you a BIG secret! What seduces people πŸ™‚ … Go use it. But, hang on! Have you been locking it up in a book in your drawer since childhood? Because if you have – it is going to be tough. When people read- they can tell the difference between someone who has been reading books and someone who has been building his / her vocabulary through movies.

Books – anyday! Hands down! Yes. I am biased like that. And I totally give in to the seductive power of a decent vocabulary, a decent hold over the language you can speak. It shows character. That is important. Very important. And if you don’t have that even for one single language – we have some serious issues, which I probably don’t want to even sort out πŸ˜›

The seductive power of a decent vocabulary. Go have that power. It also brings with itself – immense confidence. (It’s raining secrets today!)

A few pictures that I picked up from facebook :

power of speaking good english

english speaking

language fun




8 thoughts on “The Seductive Power of a Decent Vocabulary

  1. What a marvellous article! Three major points that caught my attentions.

    1. Decent grammar combined with an able intellect is the hottest thing ever!!
    2. Benedict Cumberbatch and the Irene Adler catchphrase reference (Brainy is universally sexy) = NICE!
    3. I am in a serious relationship and the only why that is because since the beginning me and my lady both made it clear that we thoroughly despise the sms lingo and stick to writing proper grammatically correct English (punctuation and all!) no matter where we are communicating.

    Kudos and props to you for this article and definitely needs to be shared with the world so we may get rid of the bumbling babbling band of buffoons who blasphemously type in a bubbling stream of most baseless bullshit in their texts and emails.

  2. I can shout and say that this is ‘the sexiest’ blog post I’ve ever come across. I was watching Roadies – One of my fav. shows, may be crappier than Sherlock – but left midway in the amazement of your new post and needless to say, it engaged me like nothing else. πŸ™‚

    Just one word – RESPECT! (For a period – way bigger than what Hanzla and Akash sir gave you for (for that recent ‘call’)).

    Keep Writing!

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