A day to Remember !!!

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https://apliquick.com/9ixlb10 ever made a memory that will live beyond you? agar banayi hai toh u would know what i mean. and if u haven’t made anything of that sort yet; don’t worry…life is long for you. memories hi nahi banai…zindagi lambi toh lagegi hii naa

https://escueladenuevasmusicas.com/v639vbs3g3 yesterday was so awesome…pepperchino, mama, mumma…the ride, the ganges and the photo session…even the cranky boat wallah seemed so hilarious…the rude chai wallah seemed so sabhya. essence of bengal with punjabi and bihari tadka…from a rajashthani point of view πŸ™‚ wow…totally fab!!!


the humor was out of the world. but the most beautiful moments that would be so difficult to describe would all be the ones in the math and the temple. show stoppers of the day. it is so true to the word: there is maximum peace at the feet of the almighty…where all predicaments get answered, where the soul rinses itself off the mundane dirt…there is immense tranquility in the vistas of godly presence…all one needs is an honest effort to map the horizons.

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https://mediamarathoning.com/j1n23fcae9 spiritual fun at it’s best…the memory is perfect because it has perfect people…and finally some awesome clicks of the day πŸ™‚


https://minitrends.com/3uubrtgpir3 bally bridge

belur math

belur math main temple


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