the serene Ganges

Ganges..thats what i saw for about 7 hrs today….courtesy my college picnic. we boarded the steamers booked for us at 8:30 from the docks. not elaborating further on the steamers, the experience was quite awesome. the weather was nice, though occasional shifts were there. a cool breeze, little sun…the weather was actually sexy, perfect for a steamer party.

jahan hum aur hamare dost milte hain wahan nach to hota hi hai…the DJ sucked but we had fun dancing at the front area. the food sucked too…but the best part was the river. so calm, and quiet…peaceful and serene. we could just stand at the edge forever and keep looking at the flowing water. the feel of the wind caressing you, of your hair flowing gently, of letting the beauty seep in…was awesome.

but if u saw the beauty u couldn’t possibly miss the mess the holy river of india is in. the water was very dirty and polluted..rubbish of all kinds floated on the surface and it had a very dirty and greenish tinge to it. it is shameful that we could not and we did not do anything for it. it’s not very early but neither to late..we could always make an effort…dil se…

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