Have you ever really loved a Woman…

I am sure you have heard this awesome song by Bryan Adams. If not, do it now –HERE .But before, do complete the post. For, I have found no better way to understand what love is for a woman.

– If your lady loves you, really loves you, she will be very vulnerable in your presence. And if you really love her, don’t let her be so vulnerable ! Be a strength for her, not a weakness and show her that you are a strength.

– If your lady loves you, she will always want to hold hands, lie down with arms around you, just want you to hold her (may be not beyond always). If you lover her, oblige 50% of the times. Don’t spoil her habits ! :P

– Your lady will always appreciate a kiss on the forehead more than anywhere else(I know what u are thinking & I am not venturing into that part here ;) ). Make it sudden, more frequent and longer. She will be yours forever. Somehow it does mean a lot to them.

– Your lady will always want a passionate hug after the end of a tiring day. Don’t spoil it by doing whatever everytime !! Let her melt away as long as she wants to. It is these moments that they remember most :)

– Notice her in silence. It is her small nuances that will make you understand her. Yes, saying is important. But, sometimes a silent conversation is easier to put across your emotions. Hold her, listen to her heartbeats. They speak louder than words. Let her hold you. Trust me you do not need words to talk.

Mean a lot to her in your own special way. Do not ever use raised voices. However strong she might be, be tender. It is difficult only when we put a lot of effort. Because, love as I believe – is one of the most effortless emotions. You just have to be true to yourself.

My fav lines from the song…

Hear every thought, See every dream
Give her wings, when she wants to fly.