Have you ever really loved a Woman…

I am sure you have heard this awesome song by Bryan Adams. If not, do it now –HERE .But before, do complete the post. For, I have found no better way to understand what love is for a woman.

– If your lady loves you, really loves you, she will be very vulnerable in your presence. And if you really love her, don’t let her be so vulnerable ! Be a strength for her, not a weakness and show her that you are a strength.

– If your lady loves you, she will always want to hold hands, lie down with arms around you, just want you to hold her (may be not beyond always). If you lover her, oblige 50% of the times. Don’t spoil her habits ! :P

– Your lady will always appreciate a kiss on the forehead more than anywhere else(I know what u are thinking & I am not venturing into that part here ;) ). Make it sudden, more frequent and longer. She will be yours forever. Somehow it does mean a lot to them.

– Your lady will always want a passionate hug after the end of a tiring day. Don’t spoil it by doing whatever everytime !! Let her melt away as long as she wants to. It is these moments that they remember most :)

– Notice her in silence. It is her small nuances that will make you understand her. Yes, saying is important. But, sometimes a silent conversation is easier to put across your emotions. Hold her, listen to her heartbeats. They speak louder than words. Let her hold you. Trust me you do not need words to talk.

Mean a lot to her in your own special way. Do not ever use raised voices. However strong she might be, be tender. It is difficult only when we put a lot of effort. Because, love as I believe – is one of the most effortless emotions. You just have to be true to yourself.

My fav lines from the song…

Hear every thought, See every dream
Give her wings, when she wants to fly. 

The Love Thing

The title reminds me of the book ‘The thing called love’ … I faintly remember the story I guess. Correct me if I am wrong, it talks about ‘true love’ apparently. So many true loves around where the truth changes mirror every other day !

I was just remembering a few ‘so called’ ‘awesome’ love stories around me in the past few years. All had a pattern. First few days of courtship were like – ‘no one else in this world exists’ . After 3 months – ‘ok. I have other things to do’ . After that – ‘Dear ! why the hell do u exist’ 😛

I am not sure if I am right or not, but I believe, every relationship needs a base of friendship. I am so reminded of the dialogue from the movie ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ which was – ‘Pyaar dosti hai. Agar woh meri sabse acchi dost nahi bann sakti, toh main ussey kabhi pyaar kar hee nahi sakta’ 

Arey ! call nahi kiya toh nahi kiya. Kisi aur ko dekh liya toh dekh liya. Late ho gaya toh ho gaya. Trust your better half with the fact that, however much he/she roams around, at the end he/she is going to come back to you. Because if he doesn’t, there might be no point in waiting /wasting time.

Life is not the thing to be wasted in trivialities. It is when these small and not at all important issues came up; that I also saw the worst of fights in the awesomest of relationships. Why give so much of an emotional hangover to the one person you are most emotionally attached to ? Why make the other person feel the knots of the strings you are attached with ?

Love, as I see it is much more than just being available for each other. It is more about being available for a 3rd reason as I was told by someone. And true it is. If your relationship doesn’t have a common purpose, making it work might just be a tough call, a drag.

Ok. Love is important. But life needs more. It is the things that love makes you do that constitute life. One could do wonders but not without purpose. Be it love. Be it life.

Being foolishly in love will take not take anyone, anywhere. Because, again I heard it somewhere :

Love is not the heart of life. It is just a part of life.

The day it is more love and less friendship in any relationship, is the day the love graph starts declining 🙂

Ek aur Shayari :)

Rajshree Singh. This post wouldn’t have been possible without you 🙂

To you !!

Mat dekh ki koi shaks gunehgaar kitna hai 
ye dekh ki tere sang wafadar kitna hai,
Mat soch ki use nafrat hai kuch logon se
ye dekh ki use tujhse pyar kitna hai,
Mat dekh ki wo tanha kyu baitha hai itna
ye dekh use tera intezar kitna hai,
Beshak tere ashiq ka tujh bin kuch nahi
dekh zara wo tera talabgar kitna hai,
Mat le uske ishq ka imtehan
Bata usko ke wo tera hakdar kitna hai….


For those who don’t understand Hindi ; here is the translation of the poem 🙂

Don’t judge your man by the charges he has on him,
Rather, see how faithful he is with you…
Don’t think about the hatred he has for others,
Rather, see the depth of his love for YOU…
Don’t ponder over why he is so lonely in this world,
Rather, see the time he spends waiting for you…
Sure, your man has no other possessions apart from you,
But, appreciate the amount of claim he has on you…
Don’t try to test his LOVE for you
Just tell him how he rightfully owns you 🙂

(Men – change the gender. It may fit into your life as well 🙂 )

Disclaimer – I do not know who wrote this shayri. I didn’t 😛

The way I Love You …

I wrote this poem ages ago… another find from the relics of my collection.

I wrote this on behalf of some friend ( Don’t remember exactly 😛 )

It’s irrevocable
The way I love you
I love you so much
As if, everywhere it’s you… only you

From me comes an aura
That reminds me of you
My energy, my life… my soul
All start from you & end in you…

The pain that grips you there
Breaks me every moment here
An eternity passed with each second
When I knew I couldn’t care…when I wasn’t there

The supple beauty of your touch
The forever present warmth
Feels like a beautiful era bygone
My heart refuses.. It just can’t move on

I fear I will forget your face
It is the only treasure I have
I fear the memories will slip away
In them I find all the courage I have…

My laughter, my eyes, my smile…
They miss the profound beauty of your love
My very incomplete soul misses,
The perfection in having you, my Love !

Crazy, it has to be – the way I love you
The best thing, about me – is YOU
Irrevocable, immutable, unchangeable, absolute
It is every day that I thank God – he brought me you 🙂


Another poem – I love it when



To God – With love…

In giving u my strongest faith,                      
I am giving u my utmost care. 

In giving u my utmost care, 
I am giving u my deepest love. 

In giving u my deepest love, 
I am giving u my best self, 

In giving u my best self, 
I am giving u my only God, 

In giving u my only God, 
I am giving u my soul, my existence... my creation

My prayers are all I have for u…

To God, with love 🙂


An Interpretation of Love

Exam time = Blogging + Movies …. Yep !! That pretty much sounds like me 😛

Saw one of my all time favorites yesterday- ‘A Walk to Remember’

And yeah you can guess what’s coming up next, the famous few lines ‘Love is… ‘ Though this is not what I was thinking would be my next post, nevertheless, the lines are beautiful.. And I have my own interpretations…Here-

Love is always patient and kind
It is never jealous
Love is never boastful, nor conceited
It is never rude or selfish..

It does not take offense
It is not resentful
Love takes no pleasure… in other people’s sins
It delights in truth

It is always ready to excuse..
…. to trust
…..to hope
…..and to endure

Whatever comes…..

So true and moving these lines are… And I have a thousand interpretations (exaggeration 🙂 )

But, my favorite one is-

“Love is a wonderful wonderful feeling. Something that was perhaps created to make our lives simpler, happier, more peaceful. A bridge that was supposed to bridge our being and wanting to be something. It was supposed to teach us virtues like patience and kindness, resentlessness and the beauty of selflessness. Love was supposed to show us how delightful it is to be happy in the happiness of the ‘people’ we love ( It never was/ is/ never will be about just that one person… naah !! not possible). Among many other goodness enriched qualities, what makes it most beautiful is that teaches us Life.”

Yet, when we look around, we find that most of our woes arise from/ due to this love. It sounds as if God’s wonderful plan backfired. Love was supposed to ease those furrowed brows in times of woes, not be the reason behind them.

Is not Letting Go another beautiful face of love. Try it… it surely works. Love is beautiful. Experience it with open palms. Closing them tight will hurt no one else but you.

Strictly ‘Romance’…

Just a collection of the best love lines I came across… All credit goes to Mr. Novoneel Chakravarty, a well known author. Enjoy the read…

1) Love happens once… You get it or you loose it. But be rest assured, you never come out of it…

2) Loving someone truly is dangerous because it makes one bleed from the most private part (the HEART i mean… )

3) You know why I use perfume ? Just to hide my real odor… the one that was created when our senses rubbed for the first time… I don’t want to share it with anybody… Not even you.

4) A man who understands a woman’s core never goes beyond one woman in his life and a man who goes beyond one never deserves a woman’s core.

5) Love is the reason to remain sane all life and yet is an excuse to be insane in all the moments that make up a life.

6) Our story began not when we came into each others’ life. It began from the time when life happened to us. We are not only made for each other but were thought for each other too.

And, now comes my FAVORITE one :-

Hundred times you have told me why you love me but do you know why I love you? I love you because you do to my life what I myself would have done had it been under my control.


I generally am not a hard core romantic… But; just couldn’t not pen these down 🙂 . So, people like me should ideally ignore this post… Hehe