life is so many things…happiness for some, sadness for some, struggle for some, success for some…a myriad of nouns, verbs, adjectives- this is what life is. summing it all in a verb, life is ‘TEMPTATION’.

no matter what walk of life we belong to, no matter what stage we are in…there is always a temptation in life. every emotion is a sultry seductress in itself. be it childhood or youth…teenage or old age, none of us is free from temptation. the craving for chocolate is an attraction, the lure of new and perfect love is a fatal kind of fascination. the desire to achieve is also an enticement and the will to be happy in every situation is also a lure so strong, at times it is hard to resist.

it’s good actually. to have temptations in life. they egg us on to do something…to achieve, to be successful, to be jubilant. have realised lately- it is very very important to know which temptations add value to your life. and we must give in to only those. they are not so bad once we learn to chose between the ones that will help us move ahead in life and the ones that will push us back…it’s all a matter of sheer will and outstanding motivation to always rise and shine above the veil of certain temptations. nothing else is needed if we know we dnt want to give in. and there is nothing better than giving in to a temptation that will always put is in a better place…

as oscar wilde puts it

“Do you really think, Arthur, that it is weakness that yields to temptation? I tell you that there are terrible temptations that it requires strength, strength and courage, to yield to.”

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