valentine special…

like an unseen dream, the night goes by

the emptiness waits, as the stars shine bright

in this anticipation, in this standing by

i let somethings go…i hold some tight

this wait for a new beginning

encompasses the eternity

yet when the eyes open

just a moment has gone by…just a jiffy

wilder than the dreams, the little heart races by

and the mind contemplates…why wait? why?

for somewhere deep down, it very well knows

what’s coming up and what’s passing by…

yet these myriad of dreams..of hopes never die

in the vistas of depth…

where quenches the thirst??……..where the oasis lie??

it lets go….then holds back

it loves deeply….yet fears wrath

it loves the el-dorado…it loves the fall

it gets over everything….yet doesn’t move at all……..

-arunima shah

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