a thing beyond forever….

a beautiful book…’a thing beyond forever’…but thats not what i want 2 say…

yet the central idea, the gist stretches vistas, much further than i can, or for that matter, anyone can imagine…such is the idea of life…beyond forever…it seems as if it would never end…encompassing eternity…covering eras, leaps and bounds..and yet it appears ki life started just a moment ago….

strange..strange it is..how two hours of doing fly away like 2 seconds…but the wait for the result stretches to a never ending reality, an ever growing universe where a myriad of stars and galaxies add themselves every moment…

strange…how life seems to stop with a jerk..and a hallucination of an end pops up when actually the movement, the inertia is saved…dormant, invisible..to those who dont want to see..for those who give up…yet present..very much alive and kicking for those who can find a way out of every mess…life goes on even if anything else doesnt..

“in three words i can sum up everything i have learnt about life. it goes on……”

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