Walks Down the Memory Lane

walking down the memory lane…not always same for everyone…yet the feeling is quite same..whether u like the walk or u dont. it certainly does represent a life left behind, a friend long lost, an era gone by. it makes us go through things that we love so much..things that we avoid so much..things that we want to forget yet we cling to…expectedly, believably and yet surprisingly strange these ‘walk down the memory lanes……’ are

a walk through the school days…aahh…would certainly be like the lament of an eternal loss. there is nothing more mundane than the realisation of that loss that was so much the opposite. yet when we are at school we wanna grow up and when we grow up we wanna be back to square 1. wow. even human beings are strange. strangest to be honest.

a walk through the memories of that special someone….for those who dont have that person now in their lives, dnt worry..the memories are still there..but then u have nothing else…so u decide what u want to be with…moving over is totally yr choice, an option none else but u have. and for those who have that person…congratulations…life cannot get better

and…a walk through the memories of home…when u are far away…its the thing that persists the most…good and bad..every thing seems so perfect back there and so shitty out here…its when u realise how tasty yr mom cooks, how best yr dad is, how yr sibling was the tamest person u ever met..how pampered and cared for u were, how u got things u did nt deserve to get…home is certainly the best place…to chill out, to vent out, to clear out, to mend and to keep sane, the things that go wrong…

these walks are simply awesome even if the walk is down the bitter ones…reminds u who u are, what u did, what u want to do, what u could do in life….

these walks are truly…..walks of remembrances….walks to remember.

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