Why love Women?

as hard as i try it’s just not coming to me…what should i write. it seems i am suffering from lack of good ideas. my saviour, my sister. she came up with a real good one, but i still don’t know what to write. and just then i remember a text message in my phone…maybe u have come across it, read it loads of times…but yet it’s worth one more read..have a look:

why girls are worth loving?

here are some answers:

they always smell good, even if its just shampoo

the way they sleep on your shoulders

the ease with which they fit in your arms

the way they kiss you and everything in the world seems right

somehow they are always warm, even when it’s cold outside

the way they say i miss u

the way they fall into your arms when they cry

the way their tears make u want to change the whole world, so that it doesn’t hurt them

because once they come in your life, whatever they are to the world

they become everything to you…

to the person who wrote this msg..thank you

to all those who read it..hope u found a connect somewhere..

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