something worthy

2day i found another reason to be happy that i came here to study..2day i did something i have never done makes me feel proud that i can read and write and call myself literate…2day i decided that if there’s one thing that m never going to stop doing in my life…IT IS THIS…

confused??..2day i went 2 an NGO called ‘calcutta rescue’ with my frnds..n we taught the children there..just one hour..but the experience was different and nice..there is so much we could share with these it is we have loads of time 2 wander around n waste..then why not utilise it??..we could be the change we want in our country..n i think we all must find time to help them out..they were just so enthusiastic to read n put me to shame..

its our least bit of contribution n i think we can help towards making India a literate India, a better India if we took things in our hands…


come on people…n honestly it brushes up yr skills too..give it a shot

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